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What is CCTV Monitoring?

Here at Argus Fire and Security, we can provide much more than surveillance installation. We can also deliver long-term remote CCTV monitoring in Manchester to ensure your property is fully protected. There’s no use having an industry-leading CCTV system if it isn’t monitored, particularly during vulnerable hours. Otherwise, you could be left with a simple deterrent, when it could be acting as a versatile and reliable security solution.

Over the years, we’ve been able to deliver a comprehensive range of CCTV installations to all kinds of properties. small and larger properties, including retailers, offices and industrial spaces, are choosing to take advantage of CCTV monitoring. Our professional team is able to deliver long-term and reliable monitoring to a wide variety of systems, whether we’ve installed it or not.

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    Why Choose One of The Most Experienced CCTV Companies in Manchester?

    For more than 30 years, our surveillance and security specialists have provided reliable solutions to our clients. We work with our clients to design the most beneficial systems to provide their property with complete protection. Fortunately, we aren’t limited in the bespoke CCTV systems that we can provide. That means we can install simply systems, all the way up to IP CCTV solutions with a full range of additional features.

    Over the years, our team have learned what makes specific systems more beneficial to certain properties than others. However, we never provide a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we work to design and install unique systems to suit your property’s needs. We can use our systems to cover vulnerable spots across your property. This can prevent criminals from accessing your home or business unseen.

    We can also install systems with a variety of cameras. Not only will this allow us to cover the area with the most effectiveness, it means we can balance between visible and hidden CCTV cameras. For example, visible cameras on the outside of your property can act as a serious deterrent. Hidden cameras indoors can provide accurate, real-time visibility without being visible to any intruders.

    Using hidden cameras indoors can also benefit your employees and customers. If you’re in charge of a retail outlet, you’ll know that being directly in the view of a camera can deter people from spending time in your store. With hidden cameras, you’ll be able to find the balance between comfort and security.

    What is Remote CCTV Monitoring in Manchester?

    Sometimes, just protecting your property with reliable CCTV systems and security features isn’t enough. If, for example, your building is fairly isolated, or in an area which is usually empty at certain times of the night, your security features are often ineffective. Most alarms and other security systems rely on neighbours or passers-by being alerted by the alarm.

    Thanks to professional remote CCTV monitoring, Argus can ensure that your property is fully protected 24/7. We use three independent alarm receiving centres which can ensure that your commercial or industrial space is fully protected. In the event that an alarm or motion sensor is triggered, these alarm receiving centres (ARC) will attempt to get in touch with you.

    If you are unreachable, some systems will be able to alert the police to your alarm triggering. The police will then despatch a team to investigate your property.

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    How Does Remote CCTV Monitoring in Manchester Work?

    While CCTV systems are a great deterrent for any property and can record incidents for future evidence, they need to be monitored to deliver live benefits. The use of a reliable CCTV system alongside remote monitoring services can enhance your property with a powerful tool for 24/7 security.

    Remote monitoring is a cheap alternative to hiring an on-site security guard and can provide all the same advantages. But, how does it work?

    Routed Live Feeds
    The live feed from your CCTV cameras will be routed to your remote monitoring station. This station will be a dedicated space away from your property.
    Monitoring Times
    Depending on your choice, your cameras can be monitored live throughout the day or during certain hours. You can also switch monitoring on at the end of the work day, allowing for flexible working hours.
    Monitor Activity
    Software will be installed on your cameras which can monitor activity on your site. As soon as one of these alarms is activated, the incident will be routed directly to the monitors screen.
    Remote CCTV Camera Control
    Once the system alert has been received, the security professional responsible will take control of your CCTV system. They will be able to see what triggered the alarm, and swap between cameras to investigate further. They will then take the appropriate action, which can be calling you, the police or resetting the alarm.

    CCTV Cameras Repairs

    If you have a current CCTV system that you’re experiencing issues with but do not wish to upgrade the system to a newer one, Argus can help you identify the issue you’re experiencing and provide you with a solution to get your CCTV working again.

    A lot of camera repairs require replacement cameras as the units have been subjected to long periods of weathering problems such as the electronics could have become damp or the circuit has broken.

    What Are The Benefits Of Bespoke Home & Business CCTV In Manchester?

    Since 1986, our professional team has worked to deliver home surveillance for properties across the North-West. These systems can provide a range of practical benefits to any residential space. Whether you’re looking to protect a private home or a shared residential building, CCTV systems can be essential.

    Just some of the practical benefits that you’ll be able to take advantage of can include:

    A Visible Deterrent
    Aside from its role as a surveillance system, the presence of CCTV cameras can deter criminal and anti-social behaviour. If you have visible cameras, criminals and vandals are more likely to target a different property. The presence of CCTV cameras shows that you are serious about your property’s security. As most criminals and vandals are opportunists, protecting your home with CCTV can deny them the opportunity.
    Reliable, Live Surveillance
    Thanks to the high-quality nature of modern CCTV cameras for your home, you’ll be able to see everything that goes on. Domestic cameras can be viewed remotely, allowing you to keep an eye on your home even while you’re away.
    High-Quality Video Feeds and Recordings
    The standard for modern CCTV cameras is much higher than it was just a few years ago. Internet Protocol IP cameras, which are the most popular choice for domestic properties, can deliver a high-quality video feed. As such, you’ll be able to see everything clearly. This can make it much easier to identify any intruders or criminals that might target your property.
    Thanks to advances in CCTV technology, it is easier than ever to equip your property with reliable home surveillance. As such, you will be able to keep an eye on your home, even while you are away. Whether your property is at risk while you are at work or on holiday, or you want to improve your protections from a criminal element at night, our team are here for you.

    A Wide Range of IP Cameras to Suit Your Needs

    Another great benefit of IP cameras for home CCTV in Manchester is that they come in a variety of designs. When it comes to providing effective home surveillance, there is no one camera that fits all environments. IP systems can be made up of all kinds of internet protocol cameras. The very best systems typically involve a variety of cameras, including:
    Dome Cameras
    Capable of providing 360º surveillance, dome cameras are ideal for corridors, rooms and internal spaces. Not only are these cameras vandal proof, it can be extremely difficult to know which way they are facing.
    Bullet Cameras
    These home surveillance options can be used internally and externally. Thanks to their compact size, they can often be difficult to notice. They are often equipped with varifocal lenses to provide effective surveillance at various ranges.
    Day/Night Cameras
    Having exterior cameras which can provide the same high-quality surveillance in all kinds of light is important. If your property is at-risk at night, day/night cameras are an essential security choice.
    As you can see, there are many things to consider when it comes to home surveillance in Manchester. Our professional team is here to help you create the perfect security system for your private home or apartment building.
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    Choosing the right CCTV System for you

    IP CCTV Systems for home CCTV in Manchester
    Internet Protocol CCTV systems are the most popular choice for both homes and businesses in Manchester. These systems are much easier to install and can easily be enhanced with a range of additional features.

    IP CCTV cameras only require a single wire to be installed. This is because they receive both their connection and their power through a PoE cable. A PoE cable (Power over Ethernet) is much easier to install than the many wires and connectors required by traditional analogue systems.

    IP CCTV systems also require much less setup than analogue cameras. They do not, for example, require a DVR or control centre. Instead, these cameras will be wirelessly connected to your IT network. Using the internet connection, these CCTV cameras will stream their live feed continuously to your chosen device or software. This means you’ll be able to view your cameras through any device, from a work laptop to your mobile phone. This can be a great feature, particularly if you are on holiday or away overnight.

    CCTV Repairs, Replacements & Maintenance Services
    Do you have an old CCTV system which could do with updating? Argus Fire & Security is able to provide repairs, replacements, and maintenance services for old CCTV systems in Manchester. We can carry out a wide range of repairs on CCTV systems, including the replacement of cameras if required. Most old CCTV systems we would recommend updating due to the quality of the cameras.

    All CCTV systems should be checked by professionals at least once a year to make sure they are fully operational. Police CCTV systems need to be serviced every 2 years unless a fault occurs in this period. Keeping CCTV systems serviced and maintained will lead to ensuring your property stays protected throughout the years to come.

    Garden & Driveway CCTV Systems
    Are you conscious about your valuable items that cannot be stored in your homes, such as bikes, cars, tools, and equipment? Then Driveway CCTV and garden CCTV systems can help you secure your property and keep a watchful eye over your possessions. With car theft on the rise, CCTV could be a valuable tool not only for the conviction of the criminals but most of all will act as a deterrent.
    Internet Protocol (IP) CCTV
    Here at Argus, our experienced team can provide a complete range of IP CCTV systems to suit your needs. These internet protocol cameras are extremely flexible and can be installed in practically any environment. They receive their power through the same cable as their system connection, using PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) wires. This means they can be installed in your home or business with little fuss.

    Thanks to their versatility, these systems are also much easier to adapt and evolve as your needs change. Whether you change your layout and your vulnerabilities change, or you build extensions which require surveillance, these systems can be moved around or enhanced as required.

    IP cameras also have a standard resolution of 1.3MO. This is almost 4 times the size of traditional analogue cameras. As such, you will also be able to rely on a much more reliable and cleaner image through your surveillance system.

    Analogue CCTV Systems
    Although these systems are becoming less popular, many businesses still prefer to use a system they understand. Analogue CCTV systems have been the commercial and industrial standard for many years. Many businesses also already have the system in place and are reluctant to transfer to an IP solution.

    Whether you’re looking for a professional team to resolve issues with your analogue CCTV system, or you want to protect your property with a traditional surveillance solution, get in touch today. Argus is one of the most experienced CCTV companies in Manchester. As such, we can deliver a complete range of analogue CCTV systems to commercial and industrial properties of all kinds.

    Police-Response And Monitored CCTV Systems
    For high-risk properties, usually stocking or handling high-value materials, there is the option for police-response and monitored CCTV systems. These solutions ensure a quick response as soon as the CCTV system detects criminal behaviour, or an alarm is triggered. This system will either call the police directly or notify the alarm company. From there, the alarm company will attempt to get in touch with you. If they can’t, they will notify the police, who will despatch officers to investigate.

    These systems are not suitable for every property. You need to apply for permission to install a police-response alarm. Argus Fire and Security will apply on your behalf and attempt to get you the security solution you need.

    Night Vision CCTV Cameras
    CCTV cameras are only as useful as the image they provide back, which is why when choosing an external camera, you should ensure that it works at night and can still provide a clear image. Not all cameras have the ability to provide a clear image when night falls. You should ensure that your chosen CCTV system has a night vision built-in before letting the engineer install the CCTV System.
    360 CCTV Cameras
    A 360-degree camera offers a non-static view, they can be moved at a 360-degree angle ensuring that the entire of its surroundings are viewable and can even track motion if required.

    They’re best positioned in areas where they’re able to cover the full 360-degree angle the ideal platform for them to sit on is a pole giving them a high view of the area meaning they can spot any trespassers early and giving the home or business owner time to react or track their progress.

    Why Choose Argus For Remote CCTV Monitoring in Manchester?
    Here at Argus, we follow only the best practices for all our CCTV monitoring clients. The alarm receiving centres that we use are all independent, dedicated and NSI Gold approved. The three ARCs that we trust to monitor CCTV systems are:

    • Advanced Independent Monitoring (AIM).
    • East Midlands Monitoring Station (EMCS).
    • VRC Monitoring.

    Each of these alarm receiving centers can deliver reliable services for all kinds of commercial and industrial environments. Here at Argus, we take care to connect our clients with the ARC that will meet their needs and deliver a long-term, reliable service.

    Our experienced team can also deliver a comprehensive range of remote monitoring options for your CCTV security system. This can include fairly basic alarm packages to comprehensive remote monitoring control. You will also be able to choose the times that your security professional can take monitor your cameras. There are also a range of additional features which can be allowed, including police response and dual path signalling for complete security.

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    CCTV Systems – Frequently Asked Questions

    How Useful is CCTV?
    • CCTV footage was used in 95% of murder cases in 2009, which was provided by Scotlands Yards research team.
    • CCTV systems have help to convict 65% of criminals where footage was obtained as evidence
    Why is it Worth Installing or Upgrading an Old CCTV System?
    • Poor quality CCTV systems contribute to 80% of unusable evidence when trying to convict a criminal.
    • Having a CCTV system installed in your home can reduce the chances of criminal activity taking place on your property by 67%.
    What are Surveillance Cameras?
    Surveillance cameras provide security for your property 24/7 they keep a watchful eye over the property and its belongings. Cameras are often an extremely good deterrent to criminals as they understand the consequences if they’re captured by CCTV committing a crime is likely to lead to a conviction.
    How much do CCTV Cameras Cost?
    To give you an approximate cost to install your CCTV system requires an engineer to evaluate the property to understand properly what the job entails such as placement of cameras where wires need to be installed. Once our engineer knows exactly what our customers want, they’re able to provide a competitive price.

    If you’d like to arrange a free quote you can call our sales team and discuss which day and time is best suited for you.

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