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CCTV System Installation In Preston

At Argus, our team can give you peace of mind when it comes to your home security with our CCTV installations in Preston. Our team of dedicated technicians can install CCTV systems in businesses, homes and industrial sites to help deter and protect the properties from crime.

Our highly experienced technicians can install CCTV in Preston and surrounding areas daily. We are always happy to provide useful information and quotes for homeowners and businesses looking to purchase a CCTV system, we also carry out repairs, maintenance and upgrade older CCTV systems in Preston.

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Preston’s crime can be very high at times, CCTV systems play a massive role in protecting against crime and can be such a good deterrent when it comes to crime especially in city centres, they are also good for recording staff and protecting stock.

Crime and theft is on the rise, crime rates in Preston and surrounding areas are pretty high according to the local police. Getting a CCTV system installed is straight forward and a cost-effective way to deter thief’s and crime, keeping the risk lower to protect your businesses or properties.

Argus fully trained technicians can provide help on which system is best to be installed at your business or property.

We offer the following:

  • Latest high-tech camera’s.
  • Maintenance of the CCTV system.
  • Installation done professional.
  • Blind spots covered.

With the latest technology, we can set up CCTV systems that you can access on your mobile phone or tablet. This allows you to check when you are not at the place and also notify s you of any alerts. By having a top range CCTV installation in Preston, it will help to deter crime and save you money in the long term. Get in touch with our team at Argus Fire & Security.

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    Surveillance Cameras

    If you’re looking for surveillance cameras then you have come to the right place, Argus has the ability to install a wide range of surveillance cameras to keep your home protected 24/7. All cameras come with a warranty to ensure that they’re still effective in years to come.

    Business & Home CCTV Services in Preston

    If you’re looking to either have your current system serviced or want a completely new CCTV system installed into your home or business then Argus Fire & Security is here to help you resolve problematic CCTV Systems or install a new comprehensive system that is suitable for your property and its size.

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    CCTV Repairs, Replacements & Maintenance Services

    Argus Fire & Security offer fantastic maintenance and repair services for CCTV systems in Preston. Our engineers are highly experienced in repairs of new and old CCTV systems and they’re able to make the recommendations to resolve the problem you’re experiencing.

    We also offer maintenance services to ensure that your CCTV is working correctly any faults that we find will be rectified by our expert engineers.

    We’re also able to replace existing cameras if they no longer work which can be caused by age or weathering.

    Choosing the right CCTV System for you

    Home & Commercial CCTV Systems
    With a wide range of systems to choose from we can offer the most technical CCTV systems for homes and businesses. Ensuring that your property is protected and is always watching the movements around your property to ensure that nothing is missed.

    All CCTV systems come with a warranty to ensure that our customers are given the best service from our engineers.

    For whatever reason you’re choosing to install a CCTV system in your home or business Argus can help you find the best system at the most affordable price for your business. Just tell us your requirements and we will do the rest.

    Garden & Driveway CCTV
    Garden and driveway CCTV acts as a deterrent to help protect your property and its valuables with car crimes on the rise driveway CCTV is becoming an evermore popular way to help convict criminals and deter criminal activity from happening on your property. Garden cameras are also ideal for protecting your valuables that reside within a garden shed and again can act as a deterrent.
    Night Vision CCTV Cameras
    Night vision cameras are perfect for external use, they have the ability to create clear imagery where other cameras may not be effective. When installing cameras externally you want to ensure that they have a night vision mode which will ensure that you have 24/7 security.
    360 CCTV Cameras
    These cameras provide a 360-degree view which can be operated by app if requested or from the main control room. They’re at their best when they’re able to make full use of the 360-degree angle they offer and can reside on the top of a pole to give them a far and clear view of its surroundings.
    HD CCTV Cameras
    HD cameras offer a high definition image which will help lead to an arrest of the criminal who has taken part in criminal activity on your property. These cameras have become a popular choice due to the high-resolution imagery they provide.
    Smart CCTV Installation preston


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    CCTV Systems – Frequently Asked Questions

    How much do CCTV Cameras Cost?
    The price of CCTV systems can vary depending on the type of system you opt for, the number of cameras you require fitted also plays a factor in the pricing of the job.
    What is a security risk assessment?
    If you’re one of our commercial customers in Preston, a security risk assessment is a procedure that evaluates the vulnerability of your property’s infrastructure, data and staff to potential threats.
    What are the advantages of integrating CCTV in my home?
    Integrating CCTV into your home in Preston or beyond has a number of advantages, including deterring crime, protecting your property and assets and giving you peace of mind. In addition, many systems can be connected to your smartphone or other devices for easy viewing.
    Why do I need a CCTV Installation in Preston?
    Criminals will only enter your home if they know they have the upper hand. Often, people overlook the fact that most crime occurs at home. At Argus, we know that CCTV installation can be a valuable tool for preventing burglaries, harassment and other crimes when used with additional security measures.
    What are IP cameras?
    IP cameras, or Internet Protocol cameras, are digital video cameras that transmit and receive data over a network using the IP protocol. They are often used for surveillance, as they can be accessed remotely from any computer on the network. Many IP cameras also offer features such as night vision and two-way audio so that you can not only see what is happening, but also hear and respond to it.
    How can I use CCTV responsibly at my property?
    When installing a CCTV system at your property, always use a reputable company like Argus, with a valid licence and registration. This will ensure that your system meets all legal requirements and is installed to the highest standard. In addition, never use a camera to spy on or harass others – this is illegal in most countries. If you have any concerns about how your CCTV system is being used, contact us.

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