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Here at Argus Fire and Security Ltd, we are dedicated to pulling out all the stops in order to supply our customers with the best security solutions to suit their requirements. After establishing ourselves as a leader in the field in our industry, we have a long list of happy customers who are more than happy to recommend our services. We take a lot of pride in our Oldham roots and is one of the North West’s leading independent installers of fire and security systems, our main priorities are to deliver customer service that is second to none alongside our competitive pricing.

Our in house team are available to design and install Fire & Intruder Alarms, Door Access, Integrated Systems & CCTV at fair prices. As an NSI Gold approved installer, we ensure that all of the work that we carry out is accepted by insurers, and can obtain Police Response if required, this can be arranged throughout Alarm Receiving Centre if that’s something you are interested in looking in to. Argus issue NSI certification on all of our installation work, for Intruder Fire Alarms CCTV and Access Control. Call us today for your free quotation for fire and security systems Oldham.

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    Business & Home CCTV Services in Oldham

    With a professionally fitted CCTV system in Oldham, you can put your mind at ease knowing that your business or home is protected by an Argus CCTV system. All our engineers are highly trained to tackle jobs of all sizes.

    Our Engineers pride themselves by offering tangible solutions to our customers to help them secure their home or business. Free quotes are available to all customers no matter how small the job maybe.

    Are you looking for a reliable security company in Oldham?

    If you require security companies in Oldham that are reliable and trustworthy then Argus Fire & Security Ltd is on hand to assist you. Here at Argus, we are proud to be a trusted and committed supplier of security systems in and around Oldham and throughout the North West and wider UK. We are a customer-focused company who have operated in Oldham for over twenty years and has roots that reach back to the 1970s when Argus Chairman Roger Wood assisted his father in running Oldham’s largest security company of its time, Alarm Systems Oldham. Argus is dedicated to keeping your business and/or home protected, simply call us today or complete our online contact form for a quick, no-obligation quote. Additionally, you can call us on 01942 615110 or e-mail us directly on

    Does your business need new Fire and Security systems? Enquire today to get more
    information about our services.


    A Complete Range of Security Services from Argus Fire and Security

    Here at Argus, we supply a wide variety of services, and with 30 years of experience in our field, we’re sure to have the solution for your home or business in Oldham. If the service you would like isn’t listed below, feel free to give us a call on and we’d be happy to see if we have an answer to the problem.
    Maintenance Contracts
    We supply a range of security maintenance contracts & regimes to suit both yours and your insurer’s requirements. We also install systems that are capable of attaining responses from the Police & Fire Brigade and provide free anti-code reset facilities where applicable. We also offer upload and/or download facilities and we’re available for call out for most of England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland.
    Security Audit Surveying
    Here at Argus, we can review your fire and/or security system’s equipment and supply and complete audit in terms of functionality and protection of your current system. However, although we carry out security audits, we do not employ Fire Alarm Risk Assessors. so, unfortunately, we won’t be unable to provide a Fire Alarm Risk Assessment.

    • We are a quality assured organisation achieving NACOSS NSI Gold Accreditation.
    • We are a quality assured fire and security organisation achieving CHAS Accreditation.
    Fire Response
    The Fire Alarm Systems we fit can be connected to an alarm receiving centre to provide the key holder Fire Brigade Response. We have installed and maintained a high number of these systems across homes and businesses in the UK, and all of our work is carried out in conjunction with the Fire Reform Order 2005 and the new British Standard BS5839:2013. However, please note that not all Fire Authorities will provide an immediate brigade response. Many Fire Brigades across the UK (Merseyside included) will only guarantee to respond to a confirmed Fire Alarm Activation, this currently only achieved by two separate forms of notification.
    Police Response
    At Argus, we’re a NACOSS NSI Gold approved company, and we have over 30 years of experience in both the design and installation of our security systems. This qualifies Argus to design, install and maintain Police Response Systems for all of our customers across the UK.

    All of our knowledgeable staff have undergone retraining to work to the new standard BS8243:2010 for Police Response, therefore, we are now installing all-new systems to this standard. Argus Fire and Security specialise in Police Response Systems, we design and install monitored alarms systems in Oldham that range from the most basic to the highest security, including the most complex solutions that are available on the market.

    Coverage & Call Out
    Argus Fire and Security have the most competitive national call out charges of any NSI Gold approved company in the UK. As an NSI Gold approved company, with any Intruder Alarm emergency we have to respond within 4 hours. All of our maintainance customers can benefit from our 24 hour call out facility and due to the policies Argus have in place, we usually respond to an emergency in our covered areas within two hours but often much sooner.

    Bespoke Security Solutions

    We are extremely proud of the fact that we have the experience to design, install, and maintain a wide range of bespoke systems to meet every need of our clients.

    Examples of some of the systems and projects we have undertaken include: –

    • New Intruder Alarm and CCTV installations for Robert Scott and Sons in 2015
    • New Intruder Alarm system at Blackburn Cathedral in 2016
    • Wire-free and Hybrid Systems
    • Touch screen keypads
    • DSC Intruder Alarm Systems that can be linked to state of the art Home Automation Systems
    • The highest Access Security Solutions, with Biometric Readers, Proximity and Coded Access
    • Flush mounted keypads
    • App Controlled Systems
    • Access Control Systems that can call your Mobile Phone if you are away from home
    • CCTV Systems with Off Site Monitoring
    • IP CCTV Solutions with the ability to record at the highest quality
    • Covert CCTV Surveillance Cameras with various designs such as smoke detectors, Alarm sensors, heating switch and pin hole cameras

    Although we have designed and installed many different types of systems, we are always up for the challenge if you have any unique requirements.

    Here at Argus, we have the ability and the versatility to design and create a system that is suitable for every situation. We’re strong believers in providing a system for our customers that isn’t just an off the shelf product, we will go out of our way to design you a system however unusual, and make sure that it fits all of your requirements.
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    Security Systems Take Overs

    At Argus, our team works very hard to offer all of our customers the best value for money. We aren’t limited to only looking after systems that we have installed ourselves, but we’re able to take over existing systems installed by other companies. This usually saves our new customers a lot of money and time.

    If you are interested in becoming an Argus customer but are currently under contract elsewhere, our sales team can be contacted via 01942 615110 and After a consultation has been organised we will arrange for a surveyor to carry out a full site survey on your chosen property in Oldham. After the survey has been completed one of our friendly team will advise you of any costs and savings that can be made. We offer this service to most homes and businesses from the smallest domestic to the larger national companies.

    Choosing the right CCTV System for you

    Home & Commercial CCTV systems
    If you’re looking for either a home or commercial CCTV security system then look no further than Argus, our engineers can guide you through the process of having CCTV cameras installed into your home or business. We will make recommendations as to where to place the cameras to give you optimal coverage of your property.

    Cameras are a key asset to improve your home’s defensive system and can help to deter criminal activity from happing on your property.

    Garden & Driveway CCTV
    Homes without CCTV fitted in their home or garden could be at risk of bicycle and car theft although cameras cannot prevent them from taking your property, they can certainly help lead to a conviction to get your possessions back.

    Secure the entrance to your property by installing driveway CCTV cameras to help limit criminal activity from happening on your property, they can also act as a deterrent and keep and your vehicles safe from car theft.

    Night Vision Cameras
    Night vision cameras will help keep your property protected at night, they’re able to create crystal clear imagery in even the darkest of spaces using the latest night vision technology. These cameras are highly sensitive to light which gives them the ability to provide a clear picture of its surroundings.

    These cameras are perfect for external use and can activate the night mode by themselves ensuring that you get a clear image day or night.

    360 CCTV Cameras
    360 cameras can cover a large area of your property and are positioned in the right places they benefit from being placed higher than a static camera to make the best use of their 360-degree angle.

    Although these cameras work best from heights it doesn’t mean they cannot be attached to the structure of your home, but the view of the camera could be limited to a 180-degree angle if they’re placed on the side of a building.

    HD CCTV Cameras
    HD cameras provide a high definition picture to give you a crystal clear view of any criminal activity happening on your property, a lot of the outdated CCTV systems often cannot help investigators identify the criminal due to the poor quality of the image which is why you should opt for an HD security camera for your home.

    These cameras have a much greater conviction rate where criminals have been able to be identified by HD CCTV cameras.

    CCTV Systems – Frequently Asked Questions

    How Useful is CCTV?
    • Scotland Yard has said that CCTV is responsible for aiding the conviction in 95% of murder cases in 2009.
    • CCTV Systems have a 65% conviction rate when footage is used by officers as evidence.
    Why is it Worth Installing or Upgrading an Old CCTV System?
    • Up to 80% of CCTV footage evidence provided to officers comes from low-quality CCTV security systems, which cannot be used as evidence.
    • A home with a CCTV system installed is 67% less likely to be targeted by criminals.
    What are Surveillance Cameras?
    Cameras can help you secure your property and deter criminals away from your property they’re used to capture footage of crimes taking place which can help you convict them later. To successfully secure your property with CCTV it requires all access points into the property to be covered other criminals could slip in and out unnoticed if they discover your CCTV system is only covering your property partially
    How much do CCTV Cameras Cost?
    Costing a CCTV installation is very much dependant on which system you choose to use and how many cameras you need to cover all the access point to your home or business. Our engineers can help you choose the best type of system for your property.

    House Alarm and Burglar Alarm installers in Oldham

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