CCTV Installation Bolton

CCTV Installation Services Bolton

Protecting your domestic, commercial or industrial property is of paramount importance. There are always criminal elements looking to take advantage of any poorly-protected spaces. That is why we are proud to offer comprehensive CCTV installations in Bolton for all kinds of properties. Whether you’ve already experienced a break-in and are now looking to prevent it from happening again, or you want to simply improve your property’s security, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Argus Fire and Security, we can deliver industry-leading CCTV and security systems across the North-West, including Bolton and Wigan. We can help you to effectively protect your property against all kinds of criminal and anti-social behaviour without making your property uninviting to visitors, customers, and employees.

At Argus, we are proud to offer cutting edge services for CCTV installations in Bolton and its surrounding points such as; Halliwell, Tonge, Farnworth, Little Lever, Ainsworth and more!

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    Surveillance Cameras

    CCTV was first created in 1942 since then it has come a long way and now can provide a high-resolution image and has become far more affordable in the last 10 years. Argus are experts in the placement and installation of CCTV systems to help secure your property.

    CCTV Camera Repairs

    Have you got an expired CCTV system which is no longer under warranty? Argus can help you identify where the problem lies in the system and provide you with a solution to resolve your problem. In some cases, the system may require an upgrade due to part been unavailable for your model or the system may be outdated and is not giving you the best security your home can be offered.

    SMART CCTV Camera installer in bolton

    Our Bolton Services include…

    Burglar Alarms Bolton

    CCTV Installations Bolton

    Fire Alarms Bolton 

    Access Control Bolton

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    Comprehensive Installation and Maintenance Services

    Someone must keep an eye on your CCTV system to ensure that it is working efficiently. Ideally, your CCTV systems in Bolton should be checked at least once a year. If you have chosen a police-responder system, then it should ideally be checked twice a year to prevent time-wasting notifications to the police.

    As part of any of these maintenance visits, our team will ensure that all your CCTV cameras are operating as intended. This means re-angling them to offer the best view if they have been moved, are focused on the optimum distance, and all have clean lenses. We will also make certain that all CCTV recording and detection equipment is working as intended.

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    Choosing the right CCTV System for you

    Business & Home CCTV Services in Bolton

    Home and business CCTV surveillance systems can help you protect your assets from thieves they not only act as a deterrent, but they can also help you convict the perpetrator with quality imagery provided by an HD camera.

    Not sure what kind of alarm you need for your home or business? Our engineers can provide you with the best solution for your property and its requirements as some CCTV systems offer more than others which may not be practical for your requirement.

    If you need assistance choosing the perfect CCTV for your property in Bolton, you should contact Argus Fire & Security today for a FREE quote where we will help you choose the right system for your property.

    Garden & Driveway CCTV

    CCTV can be especially useful for driveways and gardens they can watch over your vehicles and garden sheds to ensure that if anything goes missing you who and when it was taken and can report the theft to the police with tangible evidence.

    Night Vision CCTV Cameras

    Night cameras are perfect for external use due to their ability to see during the night, they provide a clear and detailed image even in the darkest of places ensuring that usual activity around your property will be noticed by these cameras.

    360 CCTV Cameras

    Do you need a camera that can cover multiple directions? Then a 360 camera may be the perfect choice for your property, all 360 cameras can rotate a full 360-degree angle. With the right system, they can be programmed to track movement or rotate automatically.

    HD CCTV Cameras

    HD cameras are at the forefront of CCTV as they provide high definition imagery. With CCTV is it important that you have high-quality imagery as unlike older CCTV systems the image quality was very poor and you couldn’t always identify the criminal even when in plain sight.

    Fortunately, over the last 10 years, HD CCTV has become much more affordable.

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    If you’re looking to protect your Bolton property with industry-leading CCTV solutions, get in touch with the professional team at Argus today. The security solutions that we can provide are the ideal choice for all kinds of domestic, industrial and commercial properties.

    We ensure that all the CCTV systems that we can provide are designed in accordance with all relevant legislation, including BS EN 50132-7:2012. We strive to offer every one of our clients the highest standard of service throughout the installation process.

    Argus’ professional team can ensure that your CCTV solution utilises the very best technologies to provide the highest-quality service. Certain cameras will offer better service in different areas, and we can work with you to develop a system which utilises a wide range of analogue or IP cameras to effectively protect your property.

    Whatever kind of CCTV systems in Bolton you’re looking for, our professional team is here for you. We can provide a comprehensive service, including system design, installation and long-term maintenance as required. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professional team today.

    CCTV Systems – Frequently Asked Questions

    How Useful is CCTV?
    • 95% of murder cases were able to use CCTV footage as evidence in a study from Scotland yard back in 2009 has revealed.
    • Crime thats was captured on CCTV had a 65% conviction rate when CCTV footage was available and can be used as evidence.
    Why is it Worth Installing or Upgrading an Old CCTV System?
    • Up to 80% of CCTV footage provided as evidence was deemed such poor quality that it was not used to convict a criminal.
    • You’re 67% less likely to be targeted by criminals if you’ve CCTV installed at your home, but only 9% of homeowners have CCTV installed.

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