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Expert CCTV Installation St Helens

If you are keen to improve the overall level of security in your home or business, then actioning CCTV installation in St Helens could provide the answer. CCTV systems have been proven to reduce the level of criminal activity such as theft and vandalism by providing a high profile visual deterrent.

Here at Argus Fire and Security we pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive range of solutions for CCTV installation in St Helens. Irrespective of whether you are looking to improve security on your commercial or residential property we are here for you. If you have suffered a recent break in, or want to prevent one from occurring, one of our tailored security solutions in St Helens is the perfect choice.

Years of industry expertise allow our professional team to protect your property against anti-social behaviour. The aim of any security system is to keep out any undesirable elements without impacting on visitors, employees or customers. By employing the services of our professional team and installing a quality CCTV system you will deter all but the most determined criminals.

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    High Quality CCTV Systems in St Helens

    Our experienced team at Argus have been delivering premium security systems in St Helens for over 35 years. During that time we have worked with all manner of commercial and residential customers with differing requirements. With an extensive range of high quality security solutions at our disposal we can offer your property the protection needed.

    Our professional team have experience of installing a comprehensive range of systems. From basic analogue camera systems to the latest hi-tech digital CCTVs we have all bases covered. During the initial survey our team will discuss your specific needs and recommend the system that best matches them.

    Along with simple recording software we also have CCTV systems that offer a range of different features. We can install systems that provide time lapse recording software and motion detection sensors. This means we can offer your property 24 hour surveillance at a fraction of the cost of hiring security guards. To find out more about CCTV installation in St Helens, contact our team today.

    CCTV Cameras Repair and Maintenance

    Here at Argus, we are able to repair and maintain a wide range of CCTV Systems. There may be times however that we are unable to repair your existing system. In such cases we can advise on a replacement system that will offer the same level of protection. While undertaking any maintenance project we may offer advice on any cameras that are not functioning at the level they should. To find out about all our CCTV repairs in St Helens, call our team today.
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    Argus Fire & Security are leading providers of CCTV installation in St Helens and the surrounding areas. If you are looking for an affordable, reliable solution to protect your home or business, we are here for you. The Argus team are professionally trained and highly accredited to install and repair a complete range of CCTV systems. To obtain your quote for a new CCTV system, or to arrange for repairs of your existing surveillance, contact us today.

    You can reach the Argus team by calling direct on 0345 260 0093, emailing or alternatively, please complete our online contact form and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your enquiry. 

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    Choosing the right CCTV System for you

    Business and Home CCTV Services in St Helens
    Getting the CCTV system that matches your exact requirements is not always easy. Most people would admit they are not technically minded and certainly not security experts. Prior to the start of any work our engineers will undertake a full survey of your property. This will allow them to identify any weaknesses and ensure cameras are sited in areas most at risk.

    Areas like entrances and exits along with blind spots in your property require the highest level of protection. By taking advantage of our top quality CCTV systems, along with professional installation, you can properly protect your property. Arranging for CCTV Installation in St Helens will also help identify culprits if a criminal offence is committed on your premises. The high definition lenses will give a crystal clear image of any intruders making it easier for the authorities to get a successful conviction.

    Indoor & Outdoor Surveillance Cameras
    If you are looking to increase the level of protection for your property CCTV is the perfect choice. CCTV installation in St Helens will allow you to track activity on your property 24/7. Generally most criminals will target properties that offer them easy access. Having a visible deterrent such as CCTV will undoubtedly lessen the chance of your premises being targeted by vandals and thieves.
    Police Response and Monitored CCTV Systems
    Along with our extensive range of CCTV solutions we are also able to offer a number of other security features. For example we have the facility to supply systems offering 24 hour motion detection. Once any unexplained movement is detected on your cameras a monitoring station will be notified. This means your property will be monitored 24/7 without the need to hire security personnel.

    We are also able to provide you with systems that offer police response. These systems immediately alert the police in the event of a break in or any other emergency. These systems are now becoming extremely popular for properties containing high value goods.

    Internet Protocol CCTV Systems
    Here at Argus we are able to offer a wide range of IIP CCTV Solutions in St Helens for homes and businesses. The internet protocol systems offered by our team have more flexibility than traditional analogue ones. Some of the benefits IP CCTV Systems in St Helens offer to our residential and commercial customers include:

    Versatility: IP cameras tend to be easier to install when part of a comprehensive system. They can be simply wired in a number of different positions around your property as they only need a single cable which will act as both power supply and internet connection. This type of camera is known as a POE (Power over Ethernet) Model.

    Image Quality: Analogue cameras use NTSC Video standard. As a result irrespective of the quality of the actual camera image resolution is limited. This can make identifying individuals difficult when reviewing the footage or during live surveillance. IP CCTV systems are able to offer a broader range of resolutions. For example the IP standard camera has a 1.3MP resolution which is almost 4 times the size of the best analogue camera. This will make it significantly easier to identify registration plates and faces and allow you to cover later areas with a single camera without reducing the level of security.

    Easily Scalable: IP camera are directly linked to the IT networked rather than being routed through a VHS or DVR. This allows you the flexibility to add as many cameras as you require to effectively protect your premises. In the case of larger properties you would only need to run a connective cable to the nearest network as opposed to the systems DVR.

    Night Vision Cameras
    Night vision cameras are specifically designed to provide clear images irrespective of how dark the surrounding areas are. This makes them ideal for use when covering outside spaces such as car parks, gardens and driveways.

    Night vision cameras operate using infrared technology allowing them to pick up even the smallest amount of light. By using that light they are then able to provide a clear image of intruders ensuring they can be identified easily.

    Our St Helens Services Include…

    Burglar Alarms St Helens

    CCTV Installation St Helens

    Fire Alarms St Helens

    Access Control St Helens

    CCTV Systems – Frequently Asked Questions

    How Much Does CCTV Installation in St Helens Cost?
    The exact cost of any CCTV System is dependent on a number of factors including type of system and level of protection required. You can be assured that all these things will be discussed with you at your survey. During this our engineers will assess your needs in conjunction with you and advise on the best system for you. However, you can be assured that we will always try to provide you with the best possible coverage available for your budget. To obtain a quote for CCTV installation in St Helens, call 0345 260 0093 today.
    Why Hire Argus For CCTV Installation?
    The team at Argus Fire & Security will professionally assess your property or business and offer you a recommended CCTV surveillance solution such as:

    • CCTV Infra Red Cameras
    • HD CCTV Solutions
    • Covert cameras
    • Motion detector cameras
    • Video surveillance camera
    • Varifocal CCTV camera
    • IP Network CCTV Cameras
    • Police Response CCTV monitoring
    • Static Dome CCTV cameras
    • High definition CCTV recording
    • PTZ speed CCTV cameras

    For reliable, professional CCTV installation in St Helens from an accredited, reputable company you can trust, contact Argus today. You can call us directly on 03452600093 or email us at

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