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CCTV Installation Warrington – Installation & Repair 

With over 30 years experience in the design and installation of effective CCTV solutions, Argus is the trusted specialist of thousands of Domestic, Commercial, Retail, NHS and Local Authority customers, across the North West and wider UK. Technology is constantly evolving, and CCTV technologies are no exception. When it comes to security installations, Argus is the Expert CCTV company you can trust. Due to advances in IP and wireless capabilities, Argus Fire and Security can offer CCTV security products, which enable commercial and industrial businesses a reduction in the safety overheads, while being able to see a significantly improved service when a security breach strikes. For CCTV Installations in Warrington we have dedicated local surveyors to deal with any requirement. Contact our team today.

A building or business premises can be vulnerable for some reasons. Having layers of security is the best form of defence you can do to ensure your business is fully protected.

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    Business & Home CCTV Services in Warrington

    As a provider of security systems Argus Fire & Security can offer a wide range of CCTV installation services in Warrington to both commercial and domestic customers. Our engineers are dedicated to providing a comprehensive CCTV system to prevent or document break-ins and theft on your property. Get in touch with our team to learn more by calling or emailing us.

    Indoor & Outdoor cameras

    Our CCTV engineers can undertake both indoor and outdoor installation of CCTV systems. We are an NSI Gold approved installer which makes us high certified to undertake all aspects of security systems. With an Argus Fire & Security indoor or outdoor CCTV you can be sure that your property is protected properly ensuring that all vulnerable areas around and in the property are covered by CCTV.


    Does your business need new Fire and Security systems? Enquire today to get more
    information about our services.


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    contact details for a CCTV installer in warrington
    contact details for a CCTV installer in warrington

    CCTV Installations Warrington

    Whether you have high-value equipment you need to protect or have been a victim of vandalism or theft, CCTV camera surveillance will offer the peace and mind that your property is protected. Today, there are many CCTV cameras with technological advancements allowing remote monitoring and mobile viewing, helping you to save on significant overheads against the cost of manned security. Argus Fire and Security are CCTV installers who contribute to reducing crime, theft and vandalism risks for residential, commercial and industrial businesses and properties throughout Warrington including Lymm and Culcheth – contact our team to learn more.

    Why Hire Argus Fire and Security to Provide and Install CCTV Equipment

    It has been reported that Warrington’s crime rate is relatively low, with criminal damage and shoplifting at higher risk.

    Argus Fire and Security can help provide CCTV surveillance that will capture recordings night and day.

    Coverage & Call Out
    • CCTV Infra Red Cameras
    • HD CCTV Solutions
    • Covert cameras
    • Motion detector cameras
    • Video surveillance camera
    • Varifocal CCTV camera
    • IP Network CCTV Cameras
    • Police Response CCTV monitoring
    • Static Dome CCTV cameras
    • High definition CCTV recording
    • PTZ speed CCTV cameras

    Argus Can help protect your home or business with CCTV camera surveillance. For Installations of CCTV in Warrington, Wigan and the UK wide call us today on 03452600093 or email us at

    Business CCTV Installation

    We Have Been Installing CCTV Installations in Warrington Helping to Advise and Protect Your Business. Our CCTV Experts Will:

    • Assess your premises in Warrington and any other locations your business operates in
    • Repair any old CCTV systems
    • Replace any CCTV systems
    • Prove support, backup or training to CCTV
    • Provide CCTV monitoring for those on IP/ Network CCTV cameras

    Find out how we can help your premises by call us on 0345 2600093, or filling out our simple contact form.

    Argus cctv surveillance package in warrington

    Types Of CCTV Cameras

    IP Cameras (IP CCTV Systems)

    Argus Fire & Security can offer an installation service for an IP camera, an IP camera can be reached from any location in the world providing you can get internet. Each brand of IP CCTV has its own app to access to the camera. Depending on the APP you’re able to control where the camera is looking, and most CCTV systems come with 360 degrees view, as well as voice control and sound alarm, notifications to phone or handheld device, and you’re even able to pair some models with Google home assistant or Alexa to help identify any potential threats on your property grounds. The APP usually saves a short recording when movement or sound is detected.

    IP Cameras are ideal for both homes and businesses and will keep you alerted to any activity on your property. Get in touch with Argus.

    Bullet Camera Installation Services

    Bullet cameras are an ideal security system for indoors, due to their small bullet shape design they can be inserted into walls and other hidden with ease so that an intruder does not know they’re being watched. They’re ideal for entrances into properties and are often used for reception areas to deter misbehaviour.

    Depending on your requirements bullet cameras can come with a diverse range of specs to ensure it does the right job for you such as IR vision, motion detection, 1080p vision, noise reduction, WDR (wide dynamic range) and much more. To find out more, call us on 0345 2600093, or fill out our simple contact form.

    Dome Cameras & Installation

    Dome cameras are another widely used CCTV system which offers a 360degree vision which can be operated using the monitoring system or app.

    A dome camera is widely used in supermarkets where a 360 camera is required, this camera enables security staff to track a thief’s position within the supermarket. Although dome cameras make a perfect supermarket security solution, they can also be used in homes to track any motion around in the property or within the property itself. Get in touch today.

    IR LED Cameras Installation (Infrared Cameras)

    An infrared camera offers excellent night vision and is an ideal solution for safeguarding your properties assets at night, they’re specially designed for capturing top quality imagery which can help lead to an arrest and conviction, if you’re unfortunate enough to have possessions taken from your home or business. Why not enquire about an infrared camera with Argus?

    Smart Cameras & Installation (Connected Camera)

    A smart camera has a built-in intelligent system and the automated system can detect movement and sounds and will also automatically capture the moment something occurred and attached a brief description of the event. Get in touch with our team today.

    Choosing the right CCTV System for you

    Home & Commercial CCTV systems
    Argus offers a wide range of CCTV systems that are suitable for both homes and commercial properties across the UK. Although commercial systems are generally more complex, we can still install a lighter version of a commercial CCTV system into any home, but not all homes require such CCTV systems. Find out more by contacting us.
    Garden & Driveway CCTV

    CCTV systems can help as a deterrent when placed in the right places, such as over watching your vehicle at night can make criminals think twice before trying to steal from your property. By having cameras placed in your driveway and garden you’re decreasing the likelihood that you will become a victim of theft. Call us on 0345 2600093.

    Night Vision Cameras

    Night Vision cameras are perfect when protecting your home and its valuables at night, they’re specially designed to capture near-perfect imagery even in the darkest spots. They’re perfect for alleyways down the side of houses, back gardens and driveways making it hard for the criminals to go unnoticed even at night. Get in touch.

    360 CCTV Cameras

    360-degree cameras are great for covering wide areas, but placement is key to take full advantage of the 360 angles of the camera, although it is not always necessary needed. These cameras work best when they’re attached to a pole as it will give them the ability to take advantage of the 360-degree angle of the camera although is not necessary. Contact us.

    HD CCTV Cameras

    High-definition cameras provide near-perfect imagery making it easy to convict a criminal if they happen to show their face, cameras can be installed in discrete places to ensure that the criminal does not know they’re being watched or alternatively can be placed in plain sight to act as a deterrent. You can reach our team at Argus by emailing us, or calling our experts on 0345 2600093.

    Do You Need a CCTV Assessment

    Argus Fire and Security engineers will visit your business and assess your security risks and recommend which CCTV security surveillance will help you regain the peace of mind that all dark and inconspicuous areas of your firm will always be in view. Get in touch today.

    CCTV warrington
    CCTV warrington

    CCTV Systems – Frequently Asked Questions

    What are Surveillance Cameras?

    Surveillance cameras offer 24/7 protection for your home or business, our engineers can help you choose the best placement of the cameras giving you maximum coverage of your property.

    All surveillance camera installations come with a warranty to ensure that the system is reliable for years to come – get in touch.

    How much are CCTV Cameras?

    The cost of installing a CCTV system can vary depending on the type of system you want to use and what the system has to do, with the right system you can add bespoke functionality which will allow the cameras to track movement and alert you by notification or SMS messaging.

    If you’d like a free quote to install CCTV surveillance cameras you can contact Argus immediately to discuss a convenient day and time for us to visit your property.

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