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Gent by Honeywell is the leading manufacturer of contemporary fire detection systems. We are strong believers that responsibility doesn’t end with the sale of a product, Gent products are supplied exclusively to companies selected for their ability to provide service of the highest quality. We also offer end users ultimate control and choice over their fire detection system within a vast network of experts that operate across the UK. Gent has quickly become a leading technology brand that’s recognised not only in the UK, but across the globe. This is due to a notable heritage in UK Manufacturing that dates right back to the 1930’s.

Gent is a part of Honeywell International which is currently a £25.9 billion company. Not only that, but Honeywell are a leader in the field when it comes to divergent technology and its manufacture. We serve customers worldwide in a number of industries such as aerospace services and products; turbochargers; control technology for homes, buildings and industry; specialty materials and automotive products.

Honeywell are a globally recognised Company that originate from Morris Township, New Jersey, USA. Their shares are traded on the London, Chicago and New York Stock Exchanges. Please visit for any additional information.

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Does your business need new Fire and Security systems? Enquire today to get more information about our services.


    Does your business need new Fire and Security systems? Enquire today to get more
    information about our services.


    The Highest Quality

    Gent fire safety systems are constantly renovated to achieve the highest of standards. They strive to provide the most state-of-the-art alarm systems and fire detection that is available on the market today.

    Gent’s Partnerships

    Gent are honest manufacturers of equipment that is essential for life safety, and we realise that responsibility doesn’t stop with the end sale of our equipment. This is why Gent specifically provides products to businesses who are selected exclusively for their ability to deliver high quality service. This means our service is unmatched from start to finish.

    Protect your New Investment

    Gent is driven by the modernisation of fire detection and always want to encourage the importance of fire safety. We also attempt to deliver complete satisfaction to all of our customers through our work across the globe. Gent also have high commitment to make sure out new technology is completely compatible with any previously installed Gent fire detection system. We ensure that our customer’s investments are consistently protected through the introduction of Gent’s unique ‘backwards compatibility policy’.

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