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Here at Argus Fire and Security, we can provide comprehensive security systems and burglar alarms in Manchester. Thanks to our expert team, you’ll be able to effectively protect your property against all criminal activity, including breaking and entering. For more than 30 years, our team has specialised in preventing and deterring all kinds of criminal activity. If it comes to it, the security solutions that we can provide can foil illegal activities and help the police to catch the perpetrators.

Our security specialists are the leading providers of burglar alarms in Manchester to homes and businesses. Instead of providing ineffective, “one-size-fits-all” security, we deliver bespoke systems for all our clients. Our team can include complete solutions, including burglar alarms and other detection hardware, for all kinds of Manchester properties.

The Argus Fire and Security team specialise in the design and delivery of many different preventative systems. We are able to deliver these solutions to businesses and properties in Manchester and further afield. Our experienced surveyors and security engineers will take the time to visit your property before recommending any security system. We can help you to identify the weak points of your home or business that our burglar alarms in Manchester will be able to protect.


The security solutions that we provide all utilise the latest in security technology. This allows us to deliver a reliable, industry-leading security solution to all our clients. No matter how at-risk your property might be, our team can help you to deliver effective and long-term protection.

We are able to deliver a complete range of fire and security solutions in Manchester. We can provide burglar alarms and security systems for all kinds of Manchester properties.

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Here you can view our ever impressive portfolio of jobs we have completed for clients. No job is too big or too small for Argus Fire & Security as we treat every contract the same, with proper service and 100% dedication. We promise that you will not be disappointed.


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The security systems and burglar alarms in Manchester that we can provide are ideal for use in domestic properties and businesses. The Argus team can deliver burglar alarms which are designed to suit all kinds of buildings. In addition to automated alarms which will alert the authorities in the event of a break-in, there are localised models. These will require passers-by and your neighbours to acknowledge the alarm and alert the authorities.

In addition to automated models, we can provide Manchester burglar alarms which will generate a loud, piercing scream. These can deter criminal activity and alert the police. In most cases, if audible alarms are triggered, the criminals responsible will vacate the area immediately.

These security solutions are a common and effective choice for larger businesses ind Manchester. As soon as the alarmed property is breached by criminals, the alarm trips and alerts the alarm company. It is then up to the alarm company to alert the police as to the incursion, who will despatch officers to the scene. The only potential disadvantage to this system is that the alarm’s wires can sometimes be accessed and interfered with by experienced burglars.

Wireless burglar alarms are a convenient way of protecting your property. Not only are they simple to install, maintain and monitor, they can also be expanded on relatively easily. They can include anything from CCTV cameras to motion sensors and alert security personnel on-site or an alarm company off-site. These alarms are essential for those who store valuable equipment or information at the workplace.

We have found that the most effective way to protect a property with burglar alarms in Manchester is to combine these systems to create a truly bespoke security solution. In this way, you can protect your property throughout the day and night with different capabilities. You need to understand just how “at-risk” your property is before you can make any security choices. And that is where our team comes in.

When we visit your site, we can help you to work out just how at-risk your property is and design the perfect burglar alarm system for you needs. For lower-risk properties, including domestic buildings, unmonitored systems can be truly effective. We can even work with you to integrate these systems into your mobile phone. That gives you the chance to monitor your property on your mobile phone and receive notifications if the alarm goes off while you aren’t present.

As of yet, these app-controlled systems do not offer police response, so they aren’t advised for medium or higher-risk properties. In our experience, for these properties, you are better off utilising a police-response, monitored system with dual-path monitoring.

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Here at Argus, we can provide a comprehensive security solution to protect your Manchester property. For more information on the variety of burglar alarms in Manchester we can provide. don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team on 0345 2600093. Alternatively, you can email us directly at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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