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Burglar Alarm Systems Manchester

At Argus Fire and Safety our team takes pride in being recognised as a premier supplier and installer of burglar alarms in Manchester. Teaming up with top manufacturers like Orisec, Texecom, Honeywell, and HKC ensures our clients receive the best security systems on the market.

Our skilled alarm engineers specialise in designing and installing various burglar alarms for homes and businesses in Manchester. As an NSI approved contractor, our commitment to quality is evident. We collaborate with you from the beginning, offering free site surveys that allow us to tailor a security system to your specific needs.

Additionally, our expert team provides comprehensive repair and maintenance services running alongside our alarm installations in Manchester. For discussions about your specific requirements or more information on our high-quality security systems, contact our experienced team today. Alternatively, complete our online contact form, and we’ll respond promptly.

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    The Benefits of Burglar Alarms in Manchester

    You should consider installing a burglar alarm in Manchester for several compelling reasons. Besides offering heightened security, a high-quality system brings greater peace of mind. Key advantages include:

    • Acting as a visible deterrent
    • Potentially lowering insurance premiums
    • Providing an elevated level of security

    Since many burglaries are opportunistic, the mere presence of a burglar alarm will lead to potential intruders ignoring your premises in favour of easier pickings. At Argus Fire and Security, our team can assist with wired, wireless, or monitored security systems, tailored to your needs and budget.

    Wherever you are located, one of our security systems will deliver enhanced protection for your property and belongings. As a trusted local alarm company of 30 years standing we pride ourselves on providing cutting-edge security systems at competitive prices. So, if you are interested in the installation of a new burglar alarm at your home or business contact us today.

    Burglar alarms manchester

    Does your business need new Fire and Security systems? Enquire today to get more
    information about our services.


    More Than Just Home Alarm Systems

    In addition to offering burglar alarms in Manchester, we provide installation services for door access systems, fire alarms, and CCTV systems with the capability to be monitored remotely. Regardless of the type of security system you seek or your budget constraints, our team can assist you. Reach out to our security experts today to explore our comprehensive range of burglar alarms in Manchester. If you want to learn more about the advantages of installing a security system in Manchester, call and speak to our team today.

    Why Is It Important To Have Burglar Alarms In Manchester and In The North West?

    There are compelling reasons to install a burglar alarm in Manchester, primarily as a strong deterrent against potential break-ins. Statistics emphasise that burglaries are mostly opportunistic, meaning the presence of a burglar alarm likely to discourage intruders.

    Additionally, installing a burglar alarm in Manchester may contribute to securing preferential rates from your insurance provider. Enhance the security of your property and potentially lower insurance costs by considering the installation of a burglar alarm in Manchester.


    When choosing the ideal alarm system to meet your specific needs, various factors come into play. While security is typically the top priority, considerations like budget and the environment also influence the selection of a burglar alarm.

    For those seeking a lower security level, standalone, audible, or APP-controlled systems are suitable. In low to medium-risk situations, a dual-path police response system is a good choice, utilising phone lines, mobile networks, and the internet for monitoring.

    Our security experts, through on-site surveys, tailor protection with perimeter detection sensors and internal motion sensors. Contact our team for details on our burglar alarm installation process.

    Whatever your property’s needs, we offer assistance in selecting and installing a suitable alarm system. For more information on our extensive range of intruder and burglar alarms in Manchester, reach out to the Argus team today.

    More Than Just Home Alarm Systems

    The installation of a burglar alarm in Manchester involves three primary stages:

    Alarm Panel Installation: It’s crucial to position the burglar alarm panel in an optimal location. Our engineers strategically place it, typically near the front door, ensuring convenience for you.

    Motion Sensor Placement: Collaborating with you, our skilled engineers determine the most suitable areas for motion sensors. They aim for broad coverage with the least number of sensors, optimising the effectiveness of the system.

    Testing: Like any new system, thorough testing is imperative for a burglar alarm. Our professional team guides you through a test run and provides advice on the recommended frequency for checking the alarm system.


    Securing your home, its contents, and the occupants from unwarranted intrusions should be a priority. When considering the installation of a burglar alarm, a variety of options are available, and each one has its own distinct advantages:
    Wired Burglar Alarms
    Directly connected to the property’s electrical system, these alarms ensure a reliable connection with minimal interference. Known for being hardwearing and notoriously difficult to tamper with, they are popular with commercial and residential customers alike.
    Wireless Burglar Alarms
    Offering ease of installation without extensive wiring, these alarms can be placed in various locations. Ideal for homes that are already decorated or properties with limited accessibility.
    Audible Burglar Alarms
    Activated alarms emit a loud siren, aiming to deter intruders and alert neighbours. A cost-effective solution for properties at low risk of intrusion.
    Remotely Monitored Burglar Alarms
    Linked to a central monitoring point, these alarms notify authorities in the event of a home invasion, providing enhanced protection and swift response.
    Smart Security Systems
    Seamlessly integrating with other smart devices, these systems allow remote control and monitoring from any location. Convenient and offering a high level of security, they provide added peace of mind.

    Our Manchester Security Services Include:


    Burglar Alarms Manchester

    CCTV Installations Manchester

    Fire Alarms Manchester

    Access Control Manchester

    Burglar Alarms in Manchester – Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you Install a Burglar Alarm in an Apartment?
    Certainly, installing a burglar alarm system in an apartment is viable. We offer wireless alarm systems designed for apartments, minimising the need for extensive drilling and wall damage. These systems typically feature motion sensors, door/window contacts, and control panels. Prior to installation, it is crucial to consult with your landlord or building management to confirm adherence to regulations and any restrictions in place.
    Can You Install a Burglar Alarm yourself?
    Certainly, having the right skills enables you to self-install a basic alarm system. However, it’s likely that self-installed alarms may not be approved by insurance companies, as they typically recognize professionally installed systems. If you’re considering installing an alarm in your property, contact our team today for a complimentary, no-obligation quote.
    How Long Will it Take to Install a Burglar Alarm in Manchester?

    Several factors influence the duration of burglar alarm installation in Manchester. The dimensions of your property, the number of entry points, and the type of system being installed all contribute to the timeline. Before they begin installing a burglar alarm system in your home or business, our team will furnish you with an estimated timeframe.

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