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Our security systems are designed for use in any business, large or small. We have installed CCTV systems in a range of different locations, from small corner shops to large warehouses. Call our experts on 0345 2600 093, or email us to find out more!

CCTV Installation Wigan – CCTV Systems & Repairs

At Argus Fire & Security, we can provide a complete service for CCTV installation in Wigan to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a basic analogue system which records digitally or the latest in IP CCTV systems, we are here for you. Our security specialists can work with you to design and install the perfect security system for your home or business.

Whether you’re looking for CCTV installation in Wigan, one-off repairs, or reliable maintenance services, we are here for you. Argus has spent years helping businesses and homeowners to protect their property from criminal or anti-social behaviour. So, if you’re looking for a completely new CCTV system in Wigan, or to upgrade an existing system, get in touch with us today by calling 0345 2600093 or fill out our simple contact form.

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    Monitored CCTV Systems Wigan

    In some high-risk environments, CCTV recordings and visible cameras are not enough of a deterrent. At Argus Fire & Security, we can provide monitored security solutions for a wide range of businesses and even residential properties. Our off-site, monitored CCTV solutions in Wigan mean that your property will be protected 24/7.

    Our monitored CCTV systems in Wigan are much more cost-effective than hiring on-site security guards. They also provide a more consistent service, as your property will be monitored 24/7, or simply during the times of peak danger, depending on your needs. If you want to ensure that your property is monitored at all times, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Argus Fire & Security’s CCTV specialists today to arrange for your CCTV installation in Wigan or the surrounding areas.


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    Police Response CCTV Systems in Wigan

    As part of our service for CCTV installation in Wigan, we can install and maintain a complete range of Police Response Systems in your local area. Here at Argus Fire & Security Ltd, our CCTV systems are designed and installed in-line with criteria laid out in British Standard BS 8418. In the UK, the police response standard for any CCTV system in BS8418. This is the accepted code of practice for the installation and monitoring of detector-activated CCTV systems requiring a unique Police URN. To apply for a specific Police URN, you need to work with a security company (like Argus) who are NSI-accredited.

    Maintenance & Monitoring of Police Response CCTV Systems

    At Argus Fire & Security, we recommend to our customers that any and all CCTV security systems are serviced on an annual basis. However, in the case of specialist police response systems, the CCTV system needs to be servicing at least twice per year. Here at Argus, we are fully-qualified to carry out these essential Police Response system servicing and maintenance projects.

    During our service visit, our security engineers will ensure that the cameras are still directed at the intended areas, are correctly focused, have clean lenses and are completely operable. They will also check that all recording, detecting and monitoring equipment is in full working order. Our services are all carried out in accordance with the NSI Code of Practice (NCP104) and the relevant British Standard (BS8418). For more information about CCTV installation in Wigan, or to receive a quote, contact us today.

    cctv installers in wigan
    cctv intallers wigan

    CCTV Installation in Wigan to Meet Standards

    All CCTV security companies are required to work to the latest European Standard for CCTV Installations in Wigan and across the UK (BS EN50132-7:2012). Argus Fire & Security Ltd is fully approved and certified by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI). Our staff have all received extensive CCTV system training in terms of system design, installation, maintenance, and operation.

    If you’re looking for an experienced team you can trust to provide CCTV installation in Wigan and the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team today. All our work is carried out to the highest standard, with a focus on reliability, usability, and practicality.

    For more information on our complete range of CCTV design and installation services in Wigan, or to find out more about alternative security services such as burglar alarms and key holding, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

    To discuss your CCTV installation in Wigan, or to enquire about our maintenance and repair services, call us today on 0345 2600093. You can also use our simple online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

    cctv camera installers in wigan
    Smart CCTV Installation in wigan

    Our Wigan Services Include…

    Burglar Alarms Wigan

    CCTV Installations Wigan

    Fire Alarms Wigan

    Access Control Wigan

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    CCT installers in wigan
    CCT installers in wigan


    How much does it cost for CCTV installation in Wigan?
    The cost of your CCTV installation in Wigan is dependent on what type of system and level of protection you are requiring. Before we carry out any work we will undergo a survey to assess your security needs, allowing us to suggest the best option for you. If you are interested in CCTV installation in Wigan, give us a call today on 0345 260 0093.
    Why chose Argus for your CCTV Installation in Wigan?
    Our professional, reliable team here at Argus Fire and Security will offer you the best quality security services. They will review your property and offer the CCTV services that will suit your needs.
    Why Is CCTV Useful?
    CCTV systems are extremely effective when it comes to warding off unwanted visitors near your home. If you are unlucky and happen to have a break in at your property, CCTV can also be extremely helpful in helping you figure out who is responsible. If you are interested in CCTV installation in Wigan, contact our team today.
    For more information on the data protection act for the use of CCTV in public place please visit

    Call us on 0345 2600093 or email us directly at: for any enquiries.

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