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Ormskirk CCTV Systems

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If you’re looking to provide a high-level of protection to your commercial, domestic or industrial space, then bespoke CCTV systems in Ormskirk could be the perfect choice for you. They are essential when it comes to deterring a wide range of criminal activities, including theft, vandalism and trespassing.

Here at Argus Fire and Security, we are proud to deliver a wide range of unique CCTV systems to businesses and properties in Ormskirk and across the North-West. Whether you’ve recently suffered a break-in or you’re looking to prevent one from occurring in the first place, our dedicated security solutions in Ormskirk could be essential.

Our professional team can help to protect your property against all kinds of anti-social behaviour. However, it is important that your property doesn’t deter visitors, customers and employees from entering your property. Therefore, you need a professional team to install high-quality CCTV systems which work to deter undesirable elements without making people uncomfortable.


The Argus team have worked to deliver premium security systems for many years. We have worked alongside a wide range of businesses and property owners to deliver extremely high-quality security solutions. We aren’t limited in the kinds of CCTV solutions that we can offer either.

Our professional team can provide and install all kinds of systems. Whether you’re looking for a basic analogue camera system or something a little more high-tech, like industry-leading IP CCTV solutions, our team are here for you.

In addition to simple recording software, we can include systems with a range of different features. For example, we can provide time-lapse recording software as well as motion-detection equipment to ensure 24-hour surveillance of your property at a fraction of the cost when compared to hiring security guards.

Internet Protocol CCTV Systems

Here at Argus, we can offer a range of industry-leading IP CCTV solutions to ensure effective protection of your property. The internet protocol solutions that we can offer are much more flexible than more traditional analogue designs. Just some of the benefits that IP CCTV systems in Ormskirk can provide include:

  • Versatility – IP cameras are much easier to install as part of a comprehensive system. They are simple to wire at various points around your property as they only require one cord which acts as both a power supply and internet connection. These types of cameras are known as POE (Power Over Ethernet) models.
  • Image Quality – Analogue cameras use the NTSC video standard. This means that, no matter how good the camera is, it will still be limited in terms of image resolution which can make it difficult to know exactly what you’re looking at during surveillance. IP CCTV systems in Ormskirk, however, can come in a broad range of resolutions. The IP camera standard, 1.3MP, has a resolution which is almost 4 times the size of even the best analogue camera.
    Another essential part of this is that you will be able to easily see faces, registration plates and more. Larger areas can also be covered with a single camera without any loss of security.
  • Easily Scalable – IP cameras are directly added to the IT network rather than through a VHS or DVR. This means that you can add as many as you need to effectively protect your property. In addition, on larger properties you are also only required to run a connective cable to the nearest network switch rather than the actual system’s DVR.

Police-Response and Monitored CCTV Systems

In addition to our wide range of CCTV solutions, we can also provide other security features. For example, we can supply systems which offer 24-hour motion detection. Whenever movement is detected on these cameras, the property will contact a monitoring station. This can be a great way to save money on security guards without compromising your property’s safety.

We can also provide police-response systems which will alert the police in the event of a break-in or other emergency. This is becoming a great choice for high-value, high-risk businesses.

Choose Argus Fire and Security for Industry-Leading CCTV Systems in Ormskirk

Here at Argus, we can work to provide all kinds of properties with high-quality CCTV systems in the North West. We can work with you to design, install and maintain the perfect security solution for you. Whether you’re looking to protect a commercial, industrial or domestic space, our team are here for you.

We ensure that all the systems that we install are designed to meet relevant legislation, including current EU security standards such as BS EN 50132-7:2012. Whether you’re looking for traditional analogue systems or industry-leading IP alternatives, the professional Argus team is here for you.

For more information on our wide range of services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professional team of CCTV security specialists today. You can reach us directly by calling 0345 2600093. If you prefer, you can use our online contact form or email us at

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Case Studies

View our impressive portfolio of clients and completed jobs we have undertaken. We treat each and every job with the highest possible service and dedication. You won’t be disappointed.

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                                     Testimonials – What Our Clients Say

“After a recent break at my home I contacted Argus Fire and Security to provide a quotation for CCTV. I was very impressed with the rapid response and detailed quotation, the system purchased is of high quality and I particularly like the remote viewing capability from my mobile devices.

Thank you Argus for a job well done, please pass on my appreciation to your staff for their diligence and professionalism.”

A. Williams


“I have used Argus Fire and Security Ltd for many years. I trust them to provide Intruder Alarms and CCTV for my home and business. Argus has always been trustworthy and reliable and I would happily recommend them as an Alarm and Security company. Thank you, Argus.”

Mr. A Lems.

Standish Dental Practice

“Great service from Argus. On the initial assessment they identified that a burglar could break down our door and enter most of the office without activating the alarm. Argus installed a completely new system for much less than I was expecting, and with their remote monitoring that’s linked to a key holder we have total piece of mind.”

Mr Nigel Finch

HR Department – Wigan