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Access Control Manchester

What is Access Control?

With an access control system, you can manage access to your premises for both staff and visitors. Here at Argus Fire and Security, our professional team can deliver a comprehensive range of solutions for access control in Manchester.

The day-to-day operations of your business should be taken into account when selecting an access control system. Here at Argus Fire and Security we are able to offer you a bespoke system that matches the exact requirements of your business.

The purpose of access control in Manchester is to limit access to staff and visitors with prior approval. Doing this will undoubtedly make your workspace a safer and more secure environment. To take advantage of the benefits offered by one of our tailored access control systems in Manchester get in touch today.

Our systems allow you to not only control entry into a building, but also control entrance to specific areas within that building. This operates by allocating specific levels of security clearance to staff members dependent on status. The industry-leading access control solutions we deliver can be fitted to all manner of entry points. These include Gates, Barriers, Turnstiles, Doors, Barriers & Fences.

The installation of an access control system is the ideal way to ensure the safety and security of your property and personnel.

Our access control in Manchester can be specifically tailored to fit your budget and security requirements. Options range from biometric networked systems to basic standalone systems. Before any decision is made our professional team will carry out a comprehensive site security survey. This gives them the opportunity to fully understand your exact requirements and design a system that matches them. To find out what type of access control in Manchester is best for you, call our team today.

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      Quality Assured Systems for Access Control in Manchester

      Here at Argus Fire and Security, our commitment to quality is borne out by our NSI approval. This recognises the quality of our service, workmanship and product base when installing and maintaining access control systems in Manchester.

      As an NSI approved contractor all our work is carried out in line with their codes of practice NCP109. In September 2013 the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and Equalities Act 2012 were incorporated into NCP109.

      There is now a requirement for Access Control Systems to be graded in the same way as burglar alarms. This grading goes from one to four, one being the lowest and four, the highest. With an access control system you have the flexibility to grade individual doors differently allowing different levels of security to be implemented throughout your building.

      From standalone to PC-based, analogue to IP systems, our engineers can install the entire range of access control systems. Whatever your business needs, contact our team here at Argus for industry leading services and products.

      For bespoke systems for access control in Manchester and the surrounding areas, call 0345 2600093 today!

      User Friendly

      Monitor entries and exits effortlessly through a centralised monitoring system. Manage access permissions and swiftly replace lost cards with stored data, ensuring controlled access in Manchester.

      Intuitive software allows for remote access via a secure connection, facilitating quick and easy amendments, updates, or monitoring.

      Common Uses

      Our Access Control Systems cater to various Manchester-based buildings, including small to medium-sized business premises, large corporate offices, residential complexes, educational institutions, sports facilities, multi-site establishments, storage facilities, governmental offices, and parking areas.

      Tailored Solutions

      Customise access control settings according to your Manchester business requirements, allowing scalability as your organisation expands.

      Generate detailed reports specific to your organisation to analyse location activities or create usage profiles for individuals or departments.

      Full Integration

      Integrate your access control system seamlessly with existing fire safety and security systems, ensuring smooth operation of Manchester buildings.

      Commercial Access control for businesses

      Commercial access control systems offer essential security solutions for businesses in Manchester, ensuring the protection of premises, assets, and personnel. These systems employ advanced technologies such as keycard systems, biometric scanners, and proximity card readers to regulate entry and restrict unauthorised access effectively. Businesses across various sectors in Manchester benefit from the implementation of access control solutions tailored to their specific needs.

      Key Benefits of Access Control for Businesses in Manchester

      Enhanced Security: Access control systems provide robust security measures, preventing unauthorised entry and protecting valuable assets and sensitive information.

      Increased Safety: By controlling access to buildings and facilities, businesses can enhance safety for employees, customers, and visitors, reducing the risk of incidents and accidents.

      Improved Operational Efficiency: Access control systems streamline entry processes, reducing waiting times and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

      Remote Access Management: Modern access control systems offer remote access capabilities, allowing authorised personnel to manage access permissions and monitor activity from anywhere, at any time.

      Scalability: Access control solutions can be easily scaled to accommodate the changing needs and growth of businesses, ensuring continued effectiveness and adaptability.

      Integration with Security Systems: Access control systems can be integrated with other security measures such as surveillance cameras and alarms, creating a comprehensive security infrastructure for enhanced protection and response capabilities.

      Businesses in Manchester rely on commercial access control systems to safeguard their premises, assets, and personnel while maintaining efficient operations. These systems provide essential security features, streamline entry processes, and offer scalability and integration capabilities to meet the diverse needs of businesses in the dynamic Manchester business landscape.

      commercial access control for businesses in manchester
      access control manchester
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      Access Control MANCHESTER – Frequently Asked Questions

      What is Access Control?

      Access Control Manchester encompasses the techniques and technologies used to regulate entry to premises or resources within the Manchester area. These solutions, ranging from keycards to biometric scanners, ensure only authorised individuals can access designated areas.

      What Types of Access Control System Can We Offer?

      Here at Argus Fire and Security, we can deliver a complete range of solutions for access control in Manchester. Whether you are looking for a simple stand-alone system or a high-tech PC Controlled system, we are here for you. We have solutions for both single entry sites right through to more complex multi-location operations. The different type of systems we have available include:

      Basic Keypad Systems: They control access by requiring a numerical code to be entered by anyone looking to enter the property.

      Swipe Card Systems: Clients can control access with this system by giving swipe cards to authorised users.

      While some consider these systems old technology, they still provide a cost-effective and efficient solution to clients seeking a simple access control solution.

      Proximity Systems: The elimination of the need for physical contact at the access point make proximity systems popular with businesses. With this system, entry to any area is monitored by a key fob or card reader.

      Biometric Systems: Once regarded as expensive, biometric systems offer some of the latest features. Over the years, however, they have become significantly more affordable.  For businesses with multiple locations, a biometric system that uses fingerprints and retina scanning is a good option. It also eliminates the need for key fobs or cards, meaning unauthorised individuals cannot gain access to your property.

      Call us today to find out which access control system in Manchester is best for your business.

      Why Does Your Business Need Access Control in Manchester?
      Here at Argus we deliver bespoke access control in Manchester to commercial and industrial operations. Whether you are situated in a large or small property our bespoke access control will keep staff and property safe and secure. Our professional team can tailor access control to meet the specific needs of your business. To find out how access control can prove advantageous for your business call and speak to our friendly team today.
      Can Access Control Manchester integrate with existing security setups?

      Access Control Manchester can seamlessly integrate with existing security infrastructure like surveillance cameras, alarms, and monitoring systems. This integration facilitates comprehensive security management, enabling effective monitoring and control of access.

      Which Access Control System is Best Suited to your Business?
      It is very rare for different businesses and premises to have the same access control requirements. While some companies may only need to control access to a central location, others may wish to limit entry to a variety of locations or specific entry points within them. It doesn’t matter whether you need a simple keypad entry system or a more complex PC based option we can help.

      Here at Argus Fire and Security we have access control solutions that can be adapted to suit any establishment. This includes public buildings such as hospitals, small retail units and large industrial concerns.

      The use of access control in Manchester is an ideal way of helping manage the security levels in your business. Our comprehensive service begins with an assessment of the security needs of your site. This is based on things such as:

      •         Number of Access Points
      •         Level of Security Required
      •         Number of Staff Members
      •         Regularity of Visitors
      •         Budget

      Whatever your needs you can rest assured that the experienced team here at Argus will be able to help. If you are thinking of installing access control in Manchester call us today for a no obligation site survey.

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