CCTV Installation Southport

CCTV Installation Southport

Are you looking at installing a CCTV system at your property but not to sure exactly what you need? No need to worry as Argus Fire & Security provide a fantastic range of services to help you decide exactly what type of CCTV is best suited for you or your property.

CCTV is not only a deterrent but can help you convict any person who has taken part in any criminal activities on your property such as damage or theft.

There are many different types of CCTV available and they all vary in their appearance and what they are designed for, Argus Fire & Security is able to install all types of CCTV systems for homes and businesses in Southport.

Argus Fire & Security is able to provide a wide range of services to its customers in Southport, as a local company we pride ourselves on offering a fantastic range of services which help our customers secure their property for years to come.

All our engineers are NSI Gold Approved and are able to perform even the most complex tasks when it comes to security systems.

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Does your business need new Fire and Security systems? Enquire today to get more information about our services.


    Does your business need new Fire and Security systems? Enquire today to get more
    information about our services.


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    You may contact Argus Fire & Security regarding your CCTV requirements, we provide cost-effective solutions to our customers without compromise. For a reliable CCTV system in Southport, you should contact one of our team members to discuss your requirements and we will send an engineer to your property to further discuss the needs of your property. All our engineers may make recommendations to improve the security of your property or alternatively give you cheaper solutions that do not compromise the security of your property.

    For more information on the data protection act for the use of CCTV in public place please visit

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    Choosing the right CCTV System for you

    Home and Business CCTV Installation in Southport

    We’re able to provide and install both home and business alarm systems from basic systems with single cameras to bespoke business systems with multiple cameras and security points. Ensuring that your home or business is secured from a wide range of criminal activities.

    If you’re looking for a home or business alarm look no further than us, all our jobs are priced competitively to ensure we stay ahead of our competitors.

    With a wide range of CCTV available, you won’t be disappointed.

    Garden & Driveway CCTV

    CCTV can be installed virtually anywhere in your home, but you may want the camera to watch a certain area such as your driveway or garden. Cameras can act as a deterrent when overlooking valuable items such as cars or bicycles in sheds.

    There a wide range of cameras which are suitable for these, our engineers can help you choose the right camera for the job you want.

    Night Vision CCTV Cameras

    Night Vision cameras are the perfect choice for an external CCTV, they’re able to capture imagery even in the darkest places ensuring that your property is under observation 24/7. They use an infrared lens which helps them provide clear imagery.

    360 CCTV Cameras

    360 cameras can be rotated into any position giving them a flexible view of your property they can if used with the right system track motion and record when movement is detected.

    HD CCTV Cameras

    HD cameras are great for identifying criminals who have taken part in criminal activity on your property. HD has become very important for CCTV systems as they provide clear and detailed imagery.

    Smart CCTV installation in Southport


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    CCTV Systems – Frequently Asked Questions

    How Useful is CCTV?
    • Taken from a study back in 2009, it was said that Scotland Yard was able to successfully use CCTV footage as evidence for 95% of murder cases.
    • CCTV footage has helped to convict 65% of criminals when the footage was used as evidence.
    Why is it Worth Installing or Upgrading an Old CCTV System?
    • 80% of footage captured is ruled out due to low-quality CCTV systems, where the crime has been captured but the imagery was not providing a clear enough picture to identify the criminal, and therefore was not used as evidence.
    • CCTV Systems can prevent 67% of burglaries happening on your property, but only 9% of homes have them installed.

    Security Case Studies

    View our impressive portfolio of clients and completed jobs we have undertaken. We treat each and every job with the highest possible service
    and dedication. You won’t be disappointed.

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