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Fire Alarm in St Helens For Homes And Business

Here at Argus Fire and Security we pride ourselves on offering industry leading fire Alarms in St Helens. Whether you are looking for a fire alarms for your home or business we can help. Having no adequate protection against fire puts both you and your property at risk. In fact in the case of business owners failing to have a reliable alarm is illegal and could lead to prosecution. An effective fire alarm will alert you immediately a fire is detected on your property. Here at Argus we are proud to be recognised as one of the premier Fire Alarm companies in the UK. As a result we have access to an extensive range of industry leading fire alarm systems in St Helens for commercial and domestic customers.

As is the case with security systems there is no real generic solution when it comes to fire alarms. The majority of domestic properties can be adequately covered with one or two alarms. However, in the case of Business premises, it is likely they will need a number of fire and smoke alarms for comprehensive coverage.

For many years now our professional team have been working to offer a range of alarms for the detection of smoke and fire. Our experienced team are able to install and integrate all manner of fire alarms into your property to protect it against fire. The dependable nature of our fire alarms in St Helens will allow you to clear your premises quickly and efficiently in the event of fire.

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    Why Choose Fire Alarm Installation from Argus Fire and Security?

    Here at Argus Fire and Security we offer customers bespoke fire alarms and security systems throughout St Helens. Installing one of our systems will protect domestic and commercial properties across the North West against outbreaks of fire. Prior to installation our experienced team will survey your property to identify the prime locations for smoke and fires alarms. Here at Argus Fire and Security, we can install affordable Fire Alarms in St Helens that give you the best possible protection for your property.

    All the fire protection equipment we supply will be specifically situated to give maximum coverage. By doing this we can make the coverage more comprehensive and the fire alarm system easier and cheaper to install. Since becoming established we have gained a reputation for outstanding customer service along with quality workmanship. This means that our team are the perfect choice for you commercial or domestic fire alarms in St Helens.


    Does your business need new Fire and Security systems? Enquire today to get more
    information about our services.


    Finding the Right Fire Alarm Solutions for You

    Conventional Fire Alarm Systems
    Still probably the most popular choice among our customers in St Helens and surrounding areas. Conventional Alarms are usually wired up and connected to a central control unit. The property will generally have several alarm points throughout the property making it easy to pinpoint the location of any fire. Conventional Fire alarms are still an ideal choice for domestic properties and smaller low risk commercial enterprises.
    Wireless Fire Alarms
    Relatively simple to install and integrate into a property wireless fire alarms in St Helens offer customers a convenient solution. We have the capability to install multiple alarms in your property and wirelessly connect them to a main control point. Every sensor is protected against interference and uses radio communication to send warnings to the control point. These systems can be adapted and added to easily at a later date if required.
    Addressable Fire Alarm Systems
    Addressable Fire Alarm Systems are commonly found in the premises of commercial and larger retail operations. An addressable fire alarm system is reliant on multi points throughout your property which are connected to specific control points. When a fire is detected the alarm point local to the fire will be triggered. Addressable Fire Systems are an ideal solution for large properties that contain several at risk areas.
    Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems
    Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems are controlled by computer. As with Addressable systems they consist of several detection and control points. If smoke or fire is detected the computer is notified. Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems also have the ability to connect to other types of system including an in bouse sprinkler system.

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    The Perfect Fire Detectors for Your Property

    There are different kinds of heat, smoke and fire detectors available for today’s fire alarms. Some of the most popular include:
    What Should You Consider When Installing Fire Alarms in St Helens ?
    f you are thinking about installing a fire alarm system in your home or business, there are a number of factors to take into account. By working closely with our experienced engineers you will get the fire alarm system that meets your exact needs. Just a few of the things that you need to take into consideration are:

    • The Purpose of Your Building (Commercial, Residential or Industrial).
    • The Size and Shape of Your Property
    • How Many People Use Your Building?
    • How At-Risk is Your Property?

    All the factors listed above will play a part in designing the perfect fire alarm in St Helens for your home or business. Here at Argus our professional team will liaise with you to ensure you get the fire alarm system in St Helens that offers you the best value for money and gives you the most effective cover.

    What Kinds of Systems Can Fire Alarm Companies in St Helens Install?
    Since becoming established 30 years ago our team has successfully installed fire alarm systems in numerous homes and businesses. We work with all our clients to ensure they get the fire alarm system that provides them with the protection they require. Our experienced engineers can tailor your fire alarm in St Helens to your particular needs. This will include ensuring all the most vulnerable areas within your property are fully covered.

    When designing a bespoke system for a client we will typically give them a number of options. This will include several different types of system. Some of the different type of fire alarm systems in St Helens that are available to clients include:

    • Conventional Fire Alarm Systems.
    • Wireless Fire Alarms.
    • Addressable Fire Alarm Systems.
    • Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems.

    For Fire Alarms in Chorley, Call Argus Fire and Security Today

    Here at Argus Fire and Security we are able to offer clients a comprehensive range of Fire Alarms in St Helens. We have the ability to design bespoke systems for all both commercial and residential properties throughout the North West. Our Team pride themselves on providing affordable, effective and reliable fire alarm systems in St Helens to both homes and businesses. For all the information on our full range of fire alarms in St Helens call our team without delay.

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