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Burglar Alarm Systems in Bolton

Covering Lancashire & Greater Manchester

Burglar alarms Bolton provide the latest in alarm system technology. Installations and maintenance on different models and types of burglar alarms. State of the art equipment and years of experience.

The Installation of police alarm systems, audible alarm systems, wire free alarm systems, hard-wired alarm systems, integrated systems, and hybrid alarm systems.

Burglar Alarms Bolton Detect Intruders

Different types of alarm systems Bolton for all of our customers locally and nationwide. The team of highly trained and experienced technicians will come to you to plan a design around your property. We can provide designs for all types of systems.

From speech dialing systems, hard-wired systems, text alert systems and the most modern current alarm system the monitored system. The monitored alarm system can inform the police of an emergency so they can quickly respond.

Advanced Burglar Alarm Technology

Technology is advancing a lot of our existing customers, and new customers opt for the phone controlled alarm systems. This alarm system is excellent, but we only recommend to use this type of alarm system for low-risk properties that do not require an urgent police response.

Burglar Alarms for Higher Crime Rates

Properties that may be at a higher risk of crime should consider getting a police response alarm system.  Police alarm systems are not only monitored at all times but in the event of an intruder, it will alert the cops.

Protecting you Property with an Intruder Alarm

Understanding the importance of protecting your property and Argus Fire and Security can provide the protection you need for your home or business. Top of the range alarm systems that can detect intruders outside of the property. Installation of detectors that can detect movement around doors and windows. Panic alarms, smoke detectors, flood detectors and interruption beans can all be installed by our highly trained technicians.

Burglar Alarms Bolton Free Quotes and Design Surveys

If you require a burglar alarm installation in Bolton or would like to speak to advisor, you can give us a call today on 03452600093 or send us a quick email at, and we will be more than happy to help

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“Argus installed my new police response security alarm in April 2016. After bad experiences with other contractors, I was anxious to say the least, the work was completed with no mess in a timely manor and I am very pleased with my new system. Thank you Argus for such a professional service from start to end, I will certainly recommend you in the future.”

Charlie Gallagher


“I have used Argus Fire and Security Ltd for many years. I trust them to provide Intruder Alarms and CCTV for my home and business. Argus has always been trustworthy and reliable and I would happily recommend them as an Alarm and Security company. Thank you, Argus.”

Mr. A Lems.

Standish Dental Practice

“Argus Security Systems, I have been very impressed with the alarm expertise, politeness, and professionalism displayed by every person at your company that I have had contact with – right through from the initial enquiry to installation.”

Mrs Lee