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Crime is still a serious problem in cities across the UK. Although Preston’s burglaries and thefts make up only a small percentage of the overall crimes, homes and businesses are still at risk. Criminal damage, anti-social behaviour and arson are still relatively common crimes in the area. As such, protecting your home or business with industry-leading burglar alarms in Preston is absolutely essential. Here at Argus, we’re able to provide a wide range of intruder alarms, security alarms and burglar alarms to suit your needs. Call us on 0345 260 0093.

Over the years, our experienced team has worked to create bespoke security systems for all our clients. Whether you’re looking for a commercial, residential or industrial alarm system, we are here for you. Our team of alarm and security experts can provide your home or business with the security it needs to prevent intrusion and unlawful behaviour. Whether you’ve already experienced problems, or you’re looking to protect your space before burglary occurs, get in touch today.

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    Does your business need new Fire and Security systems? Enquire today to get more
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    Why Is It So Important to Have Burglar Alarms in Preston?

    Burglar alarms are essential pieces of security equipment for properties of all kinds. The presence of a burglar alarm in Preston can act as a serious deterrent to any would-be criminals. It can make any criminal think twice about attacking your home or business. Most criminals, particularly burglars and thieves, are opportunistic. By choosing to protect your property with reliable intruder alarms, you can prevent them from having the chance to target your home or business.

    If any would-be criminal does attempt to target your property, the alarm will quickly dissuade them. If they succeed in gaining access to your home or business, they will be deterred by the alarm going off. This can prevent the criminal from succeeding in their attempts to steal your belongings or target your business’ takings. Any property in Preston will be able to enjoy a range of benefits when it is equipped with high-quality security alarms and systems.

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    Burglar Alarms Preston – Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I have burglar alarms installed at my home in Preston?
    It’s not just burglars, intruders or trespassers you have to worry about any more. There are a host of other risks that our homes face. Burglar alarms in Preston can protect your property from vandalism, break-ins and fire hazards as well.
    How quick does it take to install a burglar alarm?
    Installation usually takes around two hours, but this may vary depending on the type of alarm system you choose and the complexity of your home’s security setup.
    Is an annual burglar alarm service really necessary?
    In terms of duration, a burglar alarm service doesn’t have to be year-long. You can opt for quarterly or monthly services as well; they’re just typically more expensive since they cover a shorter period. At Argus, we will always recommend you take care of your home’s security and speak to one of our specialists today if you have any questions about your system in Preston or beyond.
    What is a monitored burglar alarm?
    A monitored burglar alarm is a security alarm system that is connected to a central monitoring station. When the alarm is triggered, the monitoring station will notify the homeowner and/or the police.
    Can I change the code on my burglar alarm?
    It’s possible to change your code as long as you have access to at least one of your alarm devices. You could either have someone else input the new code for you, be it on a key fob or locally at the alarm panel. If you know the code and can input it yourself, simply enter it into the keypad to change the code.
    For more information on the data protection act for the use of CCTV in public place please visit http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1998/29/contents.

    Call us on 0345 2600093 or email us directly at: mail@argusfireandsecurity.co.uk for any enquiries.

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