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Over the years, the Argus Fire and Security team has delivered security systems to all kinds of residential properties. Whether you’ve been the victim of criminal or anti-social behaviour, or you simply want to prevent such behaviour in the first place, get in touch with our team today. Our home surveillance installers can deliver home CCTV in Manchester and across the North-West.

Choosing to protect your property with hard-wearing and reliable CCTV systems in Manchester is a great choice. These solutions deliver a wide range of benefits to any residential property. Whether you’re looking for reliable home surveillance systems for a detached, semi-detached or terraced building – or even a block of flats – Argus is here for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Bespoke Home CCTV In Manchester?

Since 1986, our professional team has worked to deliver home surveillance for properties across the North-West. These systems can provide a range of practical benefits to any residential space. Whether you’re looking to protect a private home or a shared residential building, CCTV systems can be essential.

Just some of the practical benefits that you’ll be able to take advantage of can include:

A Visible Deterrent – Aside from its role as a surveillance system, the presence of CCTV cameras can deter criminal and anti-social behaviour. If you have visible cameras, criminals and vandals are more likely to target a different property. The presence of CCTV cameras shows that you are serious about your property’s security. As most criminals and vandals are opportunists, protecting your home with CCTV can deny them the opportunity.

Reliable, Live Surveillance – Thanks to the high-quality nature of modern CCTV cameras for your home, you’ll be able to see everything that goes on. Domestic cameras can be viewed remotely, allowing you to keep an eye on your home even while you’re away.

High-Quality Video Feeds and Recordings – The standard for modern CCTV cameras is much higher than it was just a few years ago. Internet Protocol IP cameras, which are the most popular choice for domestic properties, can deliver a high-quality video feed. As such, you’ll be able to see everything clearly. This can make it much easier to identify any intruders or criminals that might target your property.

Thanks to advances in CCTV technology, it is easier than ever to equip your property with reliable home surveillance. As such, you will be able to keep an eye on your home, even while you are away. Whether your property is at risk while you are at work or on holiday, or you want to improve your protections from a criminal element at night, our team are here for you.

IP CCTV Systems for home CCTV in Manchester

Internet Protocol CCTV systems are the most popular choice for both homes and businesses in Manchester. These systems are much easier to install and can easily be enhanced with a range of additional features.

IP CCTV cameras only require a single wire to be installed. This is because they receive both their connection and their power through a PoE cable. A PoE cable (Power over Ethernet) is much easier to install than the many wires and connectors required by traditional analogue systems.

IP CCTV systems also require much less setup than analogue cameras. They do not, for example, require a DVR or control centre. Instead, these cameras will be wirelessly connected to your IT network. Using the internet connection, these CCTV cameras will stream their live feed continuously to your chosen device or software. This means you’ll be able to view your cameras through any device, from a work laptop to your mobile phone. This can be a great feature, particularly if you are on holiday or away overnight.

A Wide Range of IP Cameras to Suit Your Needs

Another great benefit of IP cameras for home CCTV in Manchester is that they come in a variety of designs. When it comes to providing effective home surveillance, there is no one camera that fits all environments. IP systems can be made up of all kinds of internet protocol cameras. The very best systems typically involve a variety of cameras, including:

Dome Cameras – Capable of providing 360O surveillance, dome cameras are ideal for corridors, rooms and internal spaces. Not only are these cameras vandal proof, it can be extremely difficult to know which way they are facing.

Bullet Cameras – These home surveillance options can be used internally and externally. Thanks to their compact size, they can often be difficult to notice. They are often equipped with varifocal lenses to provide effective surveillance at various ranges.

Day/Night Cameras – Having exterior cameras which can provide the same high-quality surveillance in all kinds of light is important. If your property is at-risk at night, day/night cameras are an essential security choice.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when it comes to home surveillance in Manchester. Our professional team is here to help you create the perfect security system for your private home or apartment building.

For Versatile Home CCTV in Manchester, Get in Touch With Argus Today

Here at Argus Fire and Security, our professional team can install a full range of CCTV systems to suit your needs. We can help you to fully protect your private home or apartment building from all kinds of criminal and anti-social behaviour. Whether you’re already experienced criminal behaviour, or you want to deter it in the first place, contact our team today.

For more information, on versatile home CCTV in Manchester, get in touch with our experts today.

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“After a recent break at my home I contacted Argus Fire and Security to provide a quotation for CCTV. I was very impressed with the rapid response and detailed quotation, the system purchased is of high quality and I particularly like the remote viewing capability from my mobile devices.

Thank you Argus for a job well done, please pass on my appreciation to your staff for their diligence and professionalism.”

A. Williams


“I have used Argus Fire and Security Ltd for many years. I trust them to provide Intruder Alarms and CCTV for my home and business. Argus has always been trustworthy and reliable and I would happily recommend them as an Alarm and Security company. Thank you, Argus.”

Mr. A Lems.

Standish Dental Practice

“Great service from Argus. On the initial assessment they identified that a burglar could break down our door and enter most of the office without activating the alarm. Argus installed a completely new system for much less than I was expecting, and with their remote monitoring that’s linked to a key holder we have total piece of mind.”

Mr Nigel Finch

HR Department – Wigan