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Fire Alarms Preston

Having a fire alarm installed is critical for industrial, homes and businesses. If you are responsible for the property, you will need a working and maintained fire alarm to stay within the law.

Here at Argus we have fully qualified engineers and have many years of experience in working with fire alarms with all types of businesses and properties. We are also a BAFE approved fire alarm company covering Preston.

What we can help with?

  • Fire alarm installations in Preston and the surrounding areas.
  • All work is British Standard certified.
  • Free surveys and quotes provided at the site or in a few days.
  • Pricing to work with your budget.
  • Estimated time it will take to complete the installation.
  • Training on how to use the fire alarm system once installed.

By law, a commercial building or business must have a proper and good fire alarm system. The UK fire safety legislation gives us guidance when it comes to installing fire alarms. While it is necessary for a fire alarm to be installed and can come as a bit expensive, it could save the business money in the long term.

Here at Argus we always try to work around your budget and try to work out the best fire alarm system that you can have installed around this budget. We use a broad range of manufactured fire alarm systems, and all of our engineers are highly trained and fully qualified to carry out the installation, so we can guarantee we can find a fire alarm system for your business or property.

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Conventional Fire Alarms Preston

Conventional fire alarms normally are much cheaper than other kinds of fire alarms, but the downside to these type of signals is that they require a lot of wiring, which requires more time to install the fire alarm system.

This kind of system won’t notify the user of the precise location of a fire, but if it is wired up correctly, it can be divided into zones, meaning that it can still work out to be a cheaper solution for buildings with multiple floors. We wouldn’t recommend these fire alarm systems for big and complex buildings.

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems Preston

Addressable are a little different to conventional fire alarms Preston. Each is connected to a system on its unique address. This can detect where the fire is located and tell you on the control panel exactly which has been activated and where. This is good as it means you can find the fire fast and have a chance to put the fire out before it spreads.

Addressable systems cost more than conventional systems, but they are a lot easier to install because its all wired into one loop, rather than it being split up into lots of individual cables. These types of fire alarms have the potential to save you a lot of money over time.

Fire Alarms Preston

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

A wireless fire alarm system is perfect for places that take appearance into account, like retail outlets and other types of shops. The good thing with wireless fire alarms is that they don’t need any cabling so the installation can be very quick to do. But saying this these type of systems can be very expensive and have ongoing costs due to batteries being changes etc.

The ongoing costs are normally down to batteries as these will run out over time and need to be checked every so often and replaced.

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Fire Alarm Systems in Preston
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Testimonials - What Our Clients Say

“After a recent break at my home I contacted Argus Fire and Security to provide a quotation for CCTV. I was very impressed with the rapid response and detailed quotation, the system purchased is of high quality and I particularly like the remote viewing capability from my mobile devices.

Thank you Argus for a job well done, please pass on my appreciation to your staff for their diligence and professionalism.”

A. Williams


“I have used Argus Fire and Security Ltd for many years. I trust them to provide Intruder Alarms and CCTV for my home and business. Argus has always been trustworthy and reliable and I would happily recommend them as an Alarm and Security company. Thank you, Argus.”

Mr. A Lems.

Standish Dental Practice

“Great service from Argus. On the initial assessment they identified that a burglar could break down our door and enter most of the office without activating the alarm. Argus installed a completely new system for much less than I was expecting, and with their remote monitoring that’s linked to a key holder we have total piece of mind.”

Mr Nigel Finch

HR Department - Wigan