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Fire Alarm Systems Ormskirk

Everyone dreads a fire springing up on their property. They can cause a huge amount of damage and leave entire buildings unusable. That’s why it is essential that you take advantage of industry-leading fire alarm systems in Ormskirk.

Here at Argus Fire and Security, we are proud to offer a wide range of fire and smoke alarm solutions to keep your Ormskirk property protected. We work with our clients to design and install the perfect fire alarm system for their requirements. Our army of trained professionals can deliver a wide range of fire alarms from all kinds of manufacturers. We will provide the fire alarm system which truly provides you and your property with the most benefits because we aren’t limited to a single company’s products.

Bespoke Fire Alarm Systems in Ormskirk

When we come to install a fire alarm system on your property, we look at a wide range of different features across your property. Just some of these factors can include:

  • The Building’s Structure.
  • The Contents of the Building.
  • The Purpose of the Building.
  • The Purpose of the Fire Alarm – i.e. a Sprinkler System or Purely for Warning?
  • Other Alarm Systems Already in Place.

Finding the Right Fire Alarm Solutions for You

All fire alarms tend to work in the same way. These systems are equipped with a range of sensors and monitors to detect smoke, excessive heat or bare flames. Most systems also have multiple emergency buttons behind glass which can be activated when a fire is detected.

There are several different types of fire alarms, some of which are better suited to certain environments than others. Just some of these different types of fire alarms can include:

  • Conventional Fire Alarms – These systems are dependent on automated detectors and call points, all of which are wired up to a central control panel. Each floor or specific area in the building will have its own zone on the control panel. This is useful when trying to identify where the smoke or fire has been detected in large or multi-storey properties.
  • Intelligent Fire Alarm Solutions – Each individual alarm point, in addition to the detectors, are programmed into an intelligent computer system. This intelligence allows the system to monitor the environment around it. By actively monitoring the alarm system, it can locate fire, smoke in addition to any faults within the system.

  • Wireless Alarm Systems – A wireless fire alarm system is an extremely secure system. It relies on radio communications to connect all the sensors and detectors.

As you can see, there is a variety of different fire alarm systems in Ormskirk available. Finding the model which suits your property’s needs is essential. For example, there’s no need to choose an intelligent fire system if you’re only monitoring a small property. However, if you’re trying to effectively protect a multi-storey or multi-zoned area, then you’re more likely to require an intelligent or wireless system.

The Perfect Fire Detectors for Your Property

There are different kinds of heat, smoke and fire detectors available for today’s dire alarms. Some of the most popular include:

  • Heat Sensitive Point Detectors – These detectors are designed to activate if exposed to a certain temperature. There are fixed temperature detectors which include an alloy element. When this material is exposed to a pre-determined temperature, it will activate. There are also models which will operate on a temperature rise – if the temperature rises by a certain amount in the local area, then these models will activate.
  • Linear Detectors – These detection heads take the form of a heat-sensitive cable. These will activate at a pre-determined temperature. When the cable insulation is melted due to excessive heat, it creates a short circuit between different conductors. These models are commonly used in larger properties, including warehouses.
  • Smoke Detectors – We’re all familiar with smoke detectors, but there are many different kinds which can be used in today’s fire alarm systems. The three main types are:
    • Ionisation.
    • Light Obscuring.
    • Light Scattering.

Designing the perfect fire and smoke alarm system for your home, commercial property or industrial space can be an extremely complex procedure. There are dozens of different features to consider, and each one will provide different advantages and disadvantages depending on your property and use of the space.

Choose Argus for Bespoke Fire Alarm Systems in Ormskirk

Here at Argus Fire and Security, we have been providing comprehensive fire alarm solutions across the North West for many years. We have worked alongside a diverse range of businesses and properties to help them create the most effective fire safety system for their needs.

For more information on our wide range of services, including fire and smoke alarm system design, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professional team today. You can reach us directly by calling us up on 0345 2600093. If you prefer, you can use our online contact form or email any queries you might have to

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