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For many who wish to start a business, one of the questions that they most often have is how to ensure that the office is safe from burglaries or thefts. While business spaces must be chosen keeping in mind what the neighbourhood is like, there are always a few measures one can take to make sure that the space is well protected. In this article, we look at how one can use business alarms to turn the office space into a safe, secure and comfortable working area.

The Different Types of Alarms

The good thing about technology is that there are many different variations of alarms that are now available. One can choose the type of alarm depending on his/her needs, financial situation and how high risk the business is. In this section, we take a look at some of the different types of business alarms.

Monitored System

Possibly one of the most common modules, the monitored alarm system runs on a principle of information communication. What this means is that in case of a security breach, the alarm company gets notified and they in turn notify the police. While this has large benefits, the biggest disadvantage this type of system suffers from is that the wires can be cut by the burglar.

Unmonitored System

This type of alarm relies almost exclusively on your neighbours to call the police. When one installs this type of business alarm, any breach in the system triggers off a siren signal that rings within the space and outside it. As a result, everyone around is alerted and the burglary is suspended. However, the major drawback of this kind of system is that in case your office is in a remote area, the chances of the burglars running away with the loot are far higher.

Wireless Alarm Systems

wireless alarm systems are perfect for everyday usage. They are easy to install, maintain and monitor. These systems include CCTV cameras, motion sensors, beams etc. For those in high-risk businesses such as financial trading or stock marketing, these types of alarms are an essential investment. However, one must remember that wireless alarm systems are best used in conjunction with monitored or unmonitored alarm systems. This makes sure that your area is protected even while the office hours have ended.


risk businesses such as those of banking services, financial data collection, marketing consultancy or accountant firms need multiple levels of security. This is because they handle not only a large amount of data, but also monetary transactions. Burglaries in these institutes can harm not only the company itself but every one of those others who hire the company for their services.

Business Alarms

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    What Are The Benefits of a Good Alarm System?

    Business alarms are a perfect solution for those who have high-risk businesses. In this section, we look at some of the benefits of a good alarm system to those who might have their office in an area that has seen recent incidents of unrest.

    • Since it is a system that monitors the house or office area, there is the first advantage of 24/7 surveillance.
    • In addition to a constant surveillance system, most alarms are equipped with mechanisms that place direct calls to your phone in instances of a breach.
    • Alarm system companies sometimes allow for an extra level of security wherein you can call a security guard to come and physically look after the safety parameters of your space.
    • In case one has to leave the office space unguarded for a long period of time, alarm companies also have provisions wherein you can nominate a key-holder. What this person does is acts on behalf of you in the cases of security breaches. Having a key-holder ensures security even without your constant physical presence.

    While selecting the type of business alarms for your business in Wigan, one must keep in mind that the model must be one that is cost effective, easy to maintain and efficient. One of the greatest drawbacks of alarm systems is that they need quality and regular maintenance. Since alarm systems necessarily rely on a complex system of wires and machines, Argus Alarm company in Wigan can service your business alarm annually. Contact us to arrange an alarm assessment.

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    Business Alarms

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    “Great service from Argus. On the initial assessment they identified that a burglar could break down our door and enter most of the office without activating the alarm. Argus installed a completely new system for much less than I was expecting, and with their remote monitoring that’s linked to a key holder we have total piece of mind.”

    Mr Nigel Finch

    HR Department - Wigan

    “I purchased a Burglar Alarm from Argus in 2014 for my home. Stephen dealt with this transaction and was very helpful, the system was fitted by Damion to an excellent standard and I am very happy overall with the finish.”

    Mr C Hill

    “After a recent break at my home I contacted Argus Fire and Security to provide a quotation for CCTV. I was very impressed with the rapid response and detailed quotation, the system purchased is of high quality and I particularly like the remote viewing capability from my mobile devices.

    Thank you Argus for a job well done, please pass on my appreciation to your staff for their diligence and professionalism.”

    A Williams - Wigan