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Burglar Alarm Systems in Liverpool

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Inner-city businesses and homes are extremely vulnerable to all kinds of anti-social and criminal activity. Whether that takes the form of something as relatively harmless as graffiti or turns into something as dangerous as breaking and entering, it is important that you protect your property against these intruders. Argus is proud to provide industry-leading burglar alarms in Liverpool to businesses and private homes to prevent and deter criminal activity.

Argus Fire and Security is the North West’s leading provider of monitored, wireless and phone-controlled burglar alarms systems to businesses and private homes. Our security specialists can tailor a unique plan around your property’s layout to install truly effective security solutions. We work to design and install alarms systems which meet your requirements completely.

Types of Burglar Alarms in Liverpool

Here at Argus, we can install many different types of burglary prevention systems for our customers in Liverpool. Our experienced surveyors and security specialists will visit your property and work with you to identify the weaknesses and entry points of your property. We can design the perfect security system to prevent theft and other criminal activity.

Our systems all utilise the latest technology, offering a much more reliable and effective service than ever before. Whether your property is low-risk, medium-risk or high-risk, we can help you to develop the perfect system for your business or home.

There are three main types of alarm systems that we can provide, but each of them can be enhanced with additional technology and capabilities. The three main types of burglar alarms in Liverpool include:

Monitored Security Systems

This is one of the most common types of burglar alarms that we provide. The monitored alarm system operates on a principle of communication. That means that, if your property is breached in any way, then they alarm company is notified. They will then contact the police on your behalf. The only real disadvantage of this system is that, in some cases, the alarm system’s wires can be cut by experienced burglars.


Unmonitored Systems

This system is most commonly used in domestic properties. This alarm relies on your neighbours or passers-by to call the police. When this type of alarm is set off by criminal activity, the alarm emits a siren which can be heard both inside and outside. As a result, everyone in the immediate area is alerted and the criminal activity is stopped. If your property is in a remote area, then the major risk is that the criminal will steal valuable equipment before being deterred. However, in a large city like Liverpool, it is likely that the siren will cause the criminals to immediately vacate the area.

Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless burglar alarms are ideal for everyday use and all kinds of properties. They are simple to install, maintain and monitor. They usually include CCTV cameras and can include anything from motion sensors to detection beams. For those who store a lot of valuable equipment at the workplace, or work in high-risk businesses, these types of alarms are absolutely essential.

Find the Right Burglar Alarms and Security Systems for Your Business

It can be useful to combine elements of these systems together to create a comprehensive system which protects your property throughout the day and even when business hours are over. You can’t afford to take any risks when it comes to your security solution. The first step to developing your perfect security solution is to identify just how “at-risk” your property is.

For low-risk properties, unmonitored systems can be beneficial. Today, we can even integrate your security system with mobile phone applications, enabling you to dynamically control and monitor your property with your smart phone. App-controlled systems do not currently offer police response, so it would be up to you to monitor your security and contact the police as required. For medium to high-risk properties, it can be useful to include police-response, monitored systems with dual-path monitoring.

Choose Argus For Reliable Burglar Alarms in Liverpool

Here at Argus Fire and Security, we can provide industry-leading security solutions for all kinds of properties. We can help you to protect your business or home in the North West of England by equipping it with the latest in security technology. Our experienced team can supply your space with effective and reliable burglar alarms in Liverpool to help defend against all kinds of criminal activity.

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“Argus installed my new police response security alarm in April 2016. After bad experiences with other contractors, I was anxious to say the least, the work was completed with no mess in a timely manor and I am very pleased with my new system. Thank you Argus for such a professional service from start to end, I will certainly recommend you in the future.”

Charlie Gallagher


“I have used Argus Fire and Security Ltd for many years. I trust them to provide Intruder Alarms and CCTV for my home and business. Argus has always been trustworthy and reliable and I would happily recommend them as an Alarm and Security company. Thank you, Argus.”

Mr. A Lems.

Standish Dental Practice

“Argus Security Systems, I have been very impressed with the alarm expertise, politeness, and professionalism displayed by every person at your company that I have had contact with – right through from the initial enquiry to installation.”

Mrs Lee