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What is Access Control?

The use of an access control system allows you to manage entry to your premises for both staff and visitors. Here at Argus Fire and Security, we can provide customers with several different options for access control in Warrington.

Our team of security experts here at Argus are able to provide you with a system tailored to your specific requirements. Any access control system should be sensitive to the day-to-day operational needs of any business. Access control systems are designed to restrict entry to anyone without prior approval while allowing free movement to authorised personnel. So, if you are looking for an access control system in Warrington contact our local team without delay.

Besides controlling initial entry into a building, our systems also allow you to manage the movement of staff and visitors within specific areas of your premises. This is done by providing different levels of security clearance dependent on the status of the individual. Our industry leading access control systems in Warrington are suitable for all manner of physical entry points. This includes doors, gates, barriers, fences and turnstiles.  Installing an effective access control system is the best way to ensure that your property and personnel remain safe and secure.

Irrespective of the level of security required or the size of your budget, we have the access control solution for you. A wide range of options are available from biometric networked solutions to basic standalone systems. By Installing one of our industry leading access control systems in Warrington you can protect both your property and employees. Prior to the installation of your system, our experienced team will visit your premises to carry out a site security survey. This will allow them to provide you with a system that best meets your specifications. To discover the best system for you and your business, contact our team today for an initial discussion.

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      Quality Assured Systems for Access Control in Warrington

      Here at Argus Fire and Security, we are NSI approved for the installation and maintenance of all systems for access control in Warrington and the surrounding areas.

      All our work is carried out in line with the latest code of practice NCP109. Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and Equalities Act 2012 were incorporated into NCP109 in September 2013. There are now requirements that access control systems be graded in a similar manner to intruder alarms, starting from grade 1 and going up to grade 4, the highest, and each door within your premises can be separately graded.

      Our professional engineers are able to install the entire range of access control systems for customers, from standalone to PC based systems or analogue to IP.

      For bespoke systems for access control in Warrington and the surrounding areas, call 0345 2600093 today!

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      For more information on the data protection act for the use of CCTV in public place please visit

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      Access Control Warrington – Frequently Asked Questions

      Which Different Types of Access Control System Can We Offer?

      Here at Argus Fire and Security, we can provide a comprehensive range of access controls systems in Warrington. From basic stand-alone systems right through to hi-tech cloud-based systems we have a solution for every eventuality. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to control access to a single building or several different sites we can help. Among the wide range of access control options we can provide you with are:

      Basic Keypad Systems: They control access by requiring anyone looking to enter the property to enter a numerical code.

      Swipe Card Systems: With this system, clients can limit access by issuing swipe cards only to authorised users.

      Despite being considered old technology by some, these systems can still offer an affordable and effective solution for clients looking for a basic level of security.

      Proximity Systems: By eliminating the need for physical contact at the access point, proximity systems are a popular choice. Using a key fob or card reader, this system monitors entry to any area.

      Biometric Systems: Once considered expensive, biometric systems are one of the more advanced options. However, they have become significantly more affordable over the years.  A biometric system using fingerprints and retina scanning can be an ideal solution for businesses with multiple locations. It also removes the need for key fobs or cards meaning there is no chance of unauthorised individuals gaining access to your property.

      Contact us today to find out which access control system in Warrington is most suitable for your business needs.

      Why Does Your Business Need Access Control in Warrington?

      Bespoke systems for access control in Warrington offer a comprehensive security solution to commercial and industrial businesses alike. Whether you’re operating from a small or large premises, you can rest assured that entry to your building is safe and secure. Access control systems can be individually tailored to your unique requirements, so if you are interested in finding out more, please contact the security specialists at Argus Fire & Security today.

      Which Best Access Control System is Best Suited to your Business?

      Buildings and businesses are not the same, which is why access control requirements differ. Some will only need to control entry at a central location while others may wish to control entry to a variety of locations or specific entry points within them.  Whether you need a basic keypad or a cloud-based network access system, we are here to help.

      A basic keypad or swipe card system will suffice if you are seeking the minimum level of security. This is an affordable way of limiting entry to your premises to authorised personnel only.

      We also offer network access control systems that are ideal for controlling multiple entry points.  These systems can be used to allow you to control access to a number of buildings or areas within them. In addition, we also provide systems that offer varying levels of authorisation for both staff and visitors.

      Here at Argus Fire and Security, we have access control solutions for every different type of establishment.  Our access control systems in Warrington allow you to determine the exact level of security needed for your business. Our comprehensive service begins with a complete site survey, we will then be able to recommend the access control system that best fits the needs of your organisation.  Call our team today if you are contemplating installing a new access control system or upgrading an existing one.

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