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What is Access Control?

Here at Argus Fire and Security we can help if you are in need of access control in Oldham.  Our experienced team have access to a complete range of access control solutions.  Whether you are a smaller operation with a single access point or a large concern with multiple locations we are here for you – get in touch with our team by filling out our simple contact form or calling Argus.

We design and install bespoke solutions that meet the specific requirements of our varied client base. An access control system that works perfectly will restrict access to unauthorised visitors and allow easy entry and movement for authorised personnel. If you choose a more advanced system it will also allow you to set different levels of authorisation for specific areas within any building.

It is possible to use access control systems at a wide range of physical entry points. Among these are doors, gates, fences, turnstiles, barriers, and elevators if necessary. When choosing an access control system, several factors need to be taken into consideration.

Security level requirements, workspace composition, and budget are all factors to take into account.  From simple keypads to Hi-tech biometric systems, access control systems in Oldham are available in various forms. If you want to make your business more secure by limiting access to approved individuals, we are here to help. Our professional team can make your business premises more secure by installing a bespoke access control system.

Before any recommendations are made or work begins a full site survey will be undertaken. By doing this, we can design the system that suits your needs and budget. Call our team right away if you want to know more about our services or to schedule a site visit.

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      Quality Assured Systems for Access Control in Oldham

      As a fully NSI approved company Argus Fire and Security can install, maintain and repair any bespoke access control system in Oldham and the surrounding area.

      All the work that we undertake complies with the latest standard NCP109. A revision of NCP109 was made in September 2013 to make it compatible with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and the Equalities Act 2012.

      There is now grading for all access control systems the same way that there is for burglar alarms, Grade 1 offering the minimum level of security while grade 4 is the highest level. The main difference between intruder alarms and access control systems is that with the latter entry points can be individually graded.

      Access control systems can range from simple stand-alone models to PC based networked solutions. Here at Argus our engineers are fully qualified to install a wide range of different access control systems. We can provide you with the advice and information you need to ensure you get the access control system you deserve.

      For bespoke systems for access control in Oldham and the surrounding areas, call 0345 2600093 today! We even specialise in access control in Manchester and further surrounding areas.

      For more information on the data protection act for the use of CCTV in public place please visit

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      Access Control Oldham – Frequently Asked Questions

      Which Different Types of Access Control System Can We Offer?
      There are several types of system on the market, ranging from basic stand-alone models to hi-tech cloud-based networks that can be linked to multiple sites. Listed below are a few of the most widely requested access systems:

      Basic Keypad systems: Keypad systems require visitors or employees to enter a PIN number to gain access to your premises. This allows you to limit that information to authorised people only.

      Swipe Card Systems: This system allows personnel who are authorised to enter restricted areas by using swipe cards. The downside is that key cards can be lost or stolen which could lead to unwanted visitors getting into your premises.

      Even though both of these systems have now been overtaken by more modern technology, they remain a viable and affordable option for businesses with a single entry and exit point.

      Proximity Systems: A proximity system does not require physical contact from the user with the entry or exit point. The keyless entry solution involves the use of a card or key fob to gain access.

      Biometric Systems: Advancement in technology has made biometric systems a more cost-effective option for business owners. Fingerprints and retinal scans are the basis of our biometric systems. This type of system can provide an enhanced level of security and is the perfect choice for sites with several locations or entry points.

      How Would Access Control in Oldham Benefit your Business?
      The purpose of any access control system is to allow you to manage entry and exit to your workspace. The ideal system will allow authorised persons to move freely around your property while limiting entry for non-recognised visitors. The installation of an access control system means you can minimise the risk to staff, property and equipment based on site.
      We have systems suitable for everything from small single entry operations to large multi-site concerns. An efficient access control system in Oldham will allow authorised staff and visitors to move freely around with no negative impact on daily operations.

      Years of experience have given our team an understanding of the requirements of all different types of business. This allied to industry leading knowledge and equipment makes us the ideal choice to install your bespoke access control system. To get all the details on our complete range of access control in Oldham call our friendly team today.

      Which Best Access Control System Best Meets the Needs of your Business?
      There are a number of things to be taken into consideration when selecting an access control system for your business. These include:

      • Desired level of Security
      • Number of entry and exit points
      • Staffing Levels
      • Number of locations
      • Budget

      If you are a small business with a single entry and exit point and a small workforce, then a swipe card or basic keypad system will probably suffice. It will be a cost-effective and more than adequate way to control flow and staff and visitors throughout your premises.

      However, if your business consists of a number of different locations with multiple access points then a networked system is likely to be more appropriate. A biometric system will allow staff to move from one location or area to another freely without the need for numerous keys or swipe cards. Biometric and networked systems also offer high levels of security and can be controlled by a PC in a central point.

      Whatever your needs the team here at Argus can help. Our comprehensive range of access control systems in Oldham can cover every eventuality. To get all the information on our industry-leading products and service call our team without delay.

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