Take Overs

Argus have a skilled team who work very hard offering our customers great value for money.  At Argus we don’t only look after systems we have installed ourselves, but often save people time and money by taking over existing systems installed by other companies.

Argus can often take over systems at a low cost and offer an improved service that is value for money.

If you are interested in becoming an Argus customer but are currently under contract else where, contact our sales team and we will arrange for a surveyor to carry out a site survey and advise you of any costs and savings that can be made.  We offer this service to most homes and businesses from the smallest domestic to the larger national companies.

Bringing your custom to Argus will also make you aware of the suitability of your system, as we carry out a risk assessment for every premises we survey.

We will then contact you with any recommendations to improve or maintain the effectiveness of your system if required.