Police Response

Police Response Alarm System

Argus Fire and Security Ltd are a NACOSS NSI Gold approved company with over 30 years experience in design and installation of security systems. This qualifies Argus to design, install and maintain Police Response Systems for all of our customers Nationwide.

Police Response regulations

Prior to 31st May 2012 all monitored alarm installations had to conform to DD243:2004 & PD6662:2004 to obtain a Police URN (Unique Reference Number), older systems that conform to BS4737:1986 could continue to hold Police Response until such a time when it was lost. On the 1st June 2012 the new regulations PD6662:2010 and BS8243:2010 came in to force. Should your current system lose Police Response and not comply to the current standards, the system will need to be upgraded to conform to the latest standards in order to have the Police URN reinstated.

Police URN charges

The cost of a URN ( unique reference number ) application is currently £52.18 per service, this is only an application fee and does not guarantee that a URN will be granted, although it is very rarely refused. In April 2012 the Police authorities started to require up to two URN applications for Police Response Systems, one for the Intruder and one for Panic Alarms if applicable. Every Police force in the UK are now charging for separate URN’s for Intruder and Panic Alarms. These charges are a one off, the only time the Police will ever re charge for a URN is if one of the following occurs. Police response is lost and needs to be reapplied for, change in company name, change in service provider, or change in the grade of system.

Argus staff have under gone retraining to work to the new standard BS8243:2010 for Police Response. We are now installing all new systems to this standard.

Argus Fire and Security specialise in Police Response Systems, we design and install systems from the most basic to the highest security, and most complex solutions available. The police response service can only be provided via approved companies such as Argus and the systems must be off site monitored through to an approved alarm receiving centre. For more information or your free quotation for a police response alarm system contact us today.