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Fire Alarms Systems to keep your business safe in Wigan.


State of the art fire alarm systems or just a basic fire alarm/smoke alarm. Then Argus Fire and Security are the fire alarm company in Bolton that you can trust.

Providing advice on installation of fire alarms. We have to take a look at a few factors these are the following. The building’s structure, the purpose of the fire alarm system, contents of the building and what other alarm systems may be installed if any. These can all have an effect on the advice our technicians will provide to you.

With Argus Fire and Security we could say we have an army of professionals that can work on all sorts of fire alarm systems made by different manufacturers. Some of these manufacturers are C-TEC, Advanced, Morley, our systems and much more, unlike other companies who can be limited to just own type or model of fire alarm system.

Fire Alarms Types of Systems


All fire alarms tend to work the same way. They detect smoke, flames, heat, or have an emergency break glass which can be activated if a fire is detected. Depending on the fire alarm that is currently installed its sole job is to raise the alarm to the persons of the property of a potential fire. So that the building can be evacuated quickly. Some of the newer types of alarm systems can now come with remote signalling which can notify the local fire authorities of a potential emergency.

Fire Alarms can come in Different types:


Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Is very similar to a conventional fire alarm system but this can locate the actual location of the fire. By using its control point, it can provider a notice of which detector has been set off.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

– Sensors and call points are all wired up to a control panel. Each floor of the building has its zone on the control panel helping to provide a rough indication of where the smoke has been detected.

Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems

– Each alarm point and the detector programmed into a computer system. Allows the system to monitor the environment around it. By monitoring the alarm system itself it, a locate and detect fire, smoke or any faults with the system really quickly.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

– A wireless fire alarm system is very secure. It uses radio communication to connect up to the sensors and detectors. All monitored at a wireless control point.

Argus can provide design, surveying, installations and maintenance of all fire alarm systems in Bolton and the surrounding areas. We are a fully BAFE approved company licensed to carry out fire alarm installations as a fire alarm company in Bolton. If you want to protect your property from fire damage then why not give Argus Fire and Security a call today on 03452600093 or email us at  for a FREE quotation on all fire alarm systems. We can provide helpful advice and even come out and survey your property.