Disabled Refuge Systems

Introduction to Disabled Refuge

Argus install and maintain many types of Disabled Refuge Systems including C-Tec Sig-TEL and Gent Vo-CALL. A Disabled Refuge system, other wise know as an (EVCS) Emergency Voice Communication System, is a system that is primarily installed in premises with multiple floor levels for persons who cannot easily use fire escapes and evacuation lifts. These systems allow a person to call for assistance in the event of an emergency, and wait for help to arrive. The current regulations for Disabled Refuge or (EVC) systems is BS5839 Part 9. BS5839 is the British standard for all fire safety systems in the UK, Part 9 of the standard is in relation to disabled refuge.

gent evc compact 9There are many different types of disabled alert systems available, from a basic emergency alarm, which allows a person to press a button, or pull on a cord to sound an alarm to call for help. These systems are commonly used in disabled toilets, saunas, steam rooms, and at the bedside. Argus also install and maintain full EVC Systems with two way voice communication to cover larger areas, and areas where persons are unable to escape with out assistance.

Argus currently maintain EVC Systems, in Medical Centres, Hotels, and Office buildings across the North West of England.

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